Rosita’s Walking Dead Andrea Parallel Teases Her Season 11 Death


A curious comparison between Rosita and Andrea hints at the former getting the latter’s comic death scene in The Walking Dead season 11. Short-lived and unpopular, Andrea’s TV characterization was a far cry from the original The Walking Dead comic books, where Andrea becomes renowned for her sharpshooting skills and evolves into Rick Grimes’ second-in-command at Alexandria. Andrea eventually dies after Beta launches a zombie herd at Alexandria – an event already adapted in The Walking Dead season 10. As her group lead the herd away, Andrea gets bitten while rescuing Eugene. She courageously ignores the injury and completes her mission regardless, then reunites with Rick before passing away.


Christian Serratos’ Rosita shares much in common with Andrea from The Walking Dead‘s comic books. Both characters possess a warrior-like quality, but remain morally resolute, maintaining their principles and values. Equally, Rosita and Andrea each adopt maternal roles during the zombie apocalypse, with Rosita giving birth to Coco and Andrea becoming an adoptive mother to Carl Grimes. The Walking Dead season 11, episode 22 draws yet another parallel when Carol tells Rosita, “You and Gabriel are our best sharpshooters if it comes to that.” Drawing attention to this shared skill between Rosita and Andrea serves little purpose beyond potentially foreshadowing Rosita suffering Andrea’s comic fate before The Walking Dead season 11 ends.

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Why Rosita Getting Andrea’s The Walking Dead Death Scene Makes Sense

The Walking Dead has often mixed-and-matched famous comic moments using different live-action characters, so Rosita receiving Andrea’s death scene is certainly not unprecedented. Examining the current state of The Walking Dead season 11’s Commonwealth arc closer, the circumstances of Andrea’s comic death actually suit Rosita Espinosa surprisingly well. For starters, Andrea is bitten while saving Eugene – a character she held little personal attachment to beyond simple friendship. Rosita getting bitten while saving Eugene in live-action would carry huge emotional impact, since the pair debuted in The Walking Dead together and have remained almost inseparable since.

While Beta and the Whisperers are long defeated, The Walking Dead season 11 also possesses the ingredients necessary to recreate Andrea’s black-and-white demise. Previously, The Walking Dead implied Pamela Milton wielded a method of summoning zombies called “B14.” As the Alexandrians prepare to assault her community, Pamela will likely call for undead assistance once again. Rosita’s daughter remains unaccounted for after being captured, so if Pamela brings a horde to the Commonwealth, Rosita and Eugene could feasibly volunteer to lead it away in the name of protecting Coco. Maybe Rosita receives a bite, but bravely soldiers on until danger is averted, thus paying homage to Andrea’s death in Robert Kirkman’s original The Walking Dead story. Rosita could even die by Gabriel’s side just as Andrea dies by Rick’s.

Why The Walking Dead’s Andrea Died In Season 3

The Walking Dead Andrea

Talk of whether Rosita could experience the same death Andrea suffered in The Walking Dead‘s comics raises the question of why Andrea died so much earlier than her counterpart in the source material. This is largely down to how AMC’s The Walking Dead altered Andrea’s characterization. Robert Kirkman’s creation is heroic, strong, reliable, and a tough opponent. The Walking Dead‘s early seasons framed Andrea as something of an annoying liability, whether through shooting Daryl Dixon by mistake, or throwing her support behind the evil Governor. Fans had turned against Andrea in The Walking Dead, and actress Laurie Holden claims (via DigitalSpy) the decision to kill her character off in season 3 was made for the purpose of shock value alone.

Somewhat ominously for The Walking Dead‘s Rosita, season 11 finds itself unable to use the character’s own comic ending, since Rosita was supposed to be one of the heads Alpha put on a pike. That leaves The Walking Dead with a character it doesn’t have a death scene for, and an iconic death scene it doesn’t have a character for. Given their existing similarities, handing Andrea’s comic death to Rosita seems the obvious solution.

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