Sami Zayn Confesses He’s “Trying Not To Overdo It” In The Bloodline


Sami Zayn and his interactions with The Bloodline have been a highlight of WWE programming all summer long. Here’s how Zayn manages to keep it Ucey.

Every time Sami Zayn and The Bloodline are on WWE television, the group somehow stumbles onto more gold. The men all play off of each other remarkably well, which makes sense because they’re all related… except Zayn, of course, whose run from outcast to Honorary Uce over the last few months has been one of the main highlights of professional wrestling. Not just in WWE but the sport as a whole. Roman Reigns is the biggest star in the business, but even he has benefitted from having Zayn—with his incredible timing and mic work—riding shotgun over the summer. It’d be easy to overdo it, but Sami recently spoke about why The Bloodline’s interactions have been so genuine and entertaining.


In an interview with Mirror Sport, he said the following about the humor he brings to the Head Of The Table every week: “I’m trying not to overdo it. But the thing is, especially with the Usos, I’ve known them for a very long time and they get a kick out of me. So that’s kind of art imitating life.” Sami Zayn also touched on how frequently he’s made The Bloodline laugh on screen during Raw or SmackDown. “The idea that these guys are laughing for real and it’s not something you ever do and it’s never really seen with WWE because we’re a very well-produced show so stuff like that often gets cut out.” He continued, saying “[b]ut now little bits of that are seeping into the show and I think fans are so taken aback by it or curious by it, because they enjoy seeing that little bit a reminder of the fact that the performers aren’t so buttoned down and we’re actually enjoying what we’re doing.

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The Bloodline Might Not Be Working Without Sami Zayn

Fans resisted Roman Reigns as WWE’s top star for years. The “Big Dog” was met with relentless boos and jeers, no matter what Vince McMahon tried to do. His heel turn helped alleviate that pressure since fans were supposed to be against him. That started to change in July when Zayn frequently appeared with The Bloodline. Sami says those interactions were supposed to be few and far between, but they worked so well that WWE decided to take the ball and run with it.

The result has been a faction that is equal parts dominant and humorous. Reigns isn’t trying to bulldoze his way to the top of the mountain during eight-minute-long solo promos anymore. Paul Heyman helps there, but perhaps less than Zayn has. He’s been the X-factor in The Bloodline saga, and it can be argued that he’s the reason why it’s one of the best long-term stories in professional wrestling right now. No one, including Sami Zayn, knows where it’s all leading, but it’s made Bloodline segments can’t-miss television on Mondays and Fridays.

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