Seeking Sister Wife: All The Red Flags In The Foleys’ Relationship


Seeking Sister Wife season 4 introduced TLC viewers to Steve and Brenda Foley, one of three new polygamous relationships, and fans of the series were quick to point out some major red flags from the couple. The Texas-based duo have been searching for a potential sister wife for the past few years, and let viewers in on their journey, as they looked to add April to their complicated family.

While Steve and Brenda both seemed open to expanding their family during Seeking Sister Wife Season 4, it is Brenda who is feeling left out, since Steve and potential sister wife April hit it off immediately. As Steve and April spend more and more time together, Brenda feels as if her role in their lives is becoming less significant. Throughout their time on the show, Steve and April’s developing relationship continued to worry Brenda. She believes that the couple is moving way too fast, after Steve, who currently has 1392 Instagram followers, confessed his love for April early on in their courtship.


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However, during their short stint on the show, fans have noticed many troubling elements of Steve and Brenda’s relationship. From their past relationship with Steve’s first wife, to their current relationships with Steve’s family, here are some major red flags from the Seeking Sister Wife family.

Steve Foley’s Failed First Marriage

Before he met Brenda and became involved with her, Steve was married to his high school sweetheart, whom he shares two children with. According to him, the two had a monogamous marriage for 12 years, before he met (and fell in love with) Brenda eight years ago. It was shortly after meeting Brenda that Steve and his first wife decided to bring her in as a second sister wife, and make their relationship polygamous. While the relationship started off well, according to Steve and Brenda, the intense backlash from their friends and family made his first wife file for divorce. She left Seeking Sister Wife stars Steve and Brenda Foley, quickly removing herself from their plural relationship. However, fans of the hit reality series believe that there’s more to the story than Steve and Brenda are willing to admit. On a thread started by u/FaithlessnessNo2207, a Redditor remarked, “Steve let his first wife, the mother of his children, leave because she stopped being into his 2 woman dream.”

Steve’s Children Don’t Approve Of His Seeking Sister Wife Relationship

Fans of Seeking Sister Wife got a peek into Steve and Brenda’s complicated relationship with Steve’s children, 18-year-old Preston and 16-year-old Jayden, during the July 4 episode of season 4. After taking a break from their courtship of a potential sister wife, April, Brenda and Steve decided to visit his children in Dallas, Texas. It was during this visit that Steve informed his children about April and their budding relationship. This didn’t sit well with his daughter, Jayden, who openly expressed disgust over their Seeking Sister Wife polygamy. “It’s weird for your parents to date multiple people. Because I think when you become a parent, those kinds of relationships and activities should not be a thing,” Jayden stated during the episode. Jayden added, “That’s a decision he should’ve thought of before he had two kids. I genuinely think his lifestyle is disgusting. It’s gross.”

The Foley Family’s Potential Sister Wife April Is Younger

During Seeking Sister Wife season 4, Brenda and Steve are on a new adventure. They are searching for a new sister wife to bring into their family. The couple began courting a woman named April, who is 21-years-old, and had only recently decided to embrace the Seeking Sister Wife lifestyle. This concerned many fans of the series, who have pointed out how 42-year-old Steve and 38-year-old Brenda are much older (and more experienced with polygamy) than their potential sister wife, April. “That dinner with Brenda, April and Steve looked like they were parents having dinner with their daughter from college home from school,” one Reddit user, Texas_forever_yall, commented. Many fans have pointed out that April is closer in age to Steve’s children than she is to Steve and Brenda, making their large age gap even more apparent.

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