Seeking Sister Wife: Everything Vanessa Said About Dimitri’s Alleged Abuse


Vanessa Cobbs has joined the calls for Seeking Sister Wife stars Dimitri and Ashley Snowden to face consequences for their alleged abuse, and here is everything that Vanessa’s said about the couple. Vanessa has a complicated relationship with Dimitri and Ashley, which has changed for the worse. Vanessa has gone from a plural marriage with Dimitri and Ashley to feuding with them. As Dimitri and Ashley face accusations of domestic abuse, Vanessa has been speaking out.


Vanessa first met Dimitri and Ashley on Seeking Sister Wife season 2. During the season, Vanessa got to know Dimitri and Ashley, as she decided whether to join their polygamist lifestyle. Ultimately, Vanessa chose to marry Dimitri, and be the sister wife that the couple was searching for. Although Dimitri and Ashley may have believed that their quest for a second wife was over, Vanessa abruptly exited the marriage after only a few months. Dimitri and Ashley admitted that they were blindsided and devastated by Vanessa’s break from them. In light of recent allegations made against them, fans are speculating that there is more to Vanessa’s departure than she let on.

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Vanessa Has Been Opening Up On Instagram

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In April 2019, Vanessa took to her Instagram to explain her reasons for unexpectedly leaving the Seeking Sister Wife plural marriage that she embraced on the show. Vanessa stated that her break from Dimitri and Ashley came after some soul-searching. Vanessa shared that she still loved Dimitri and Ashley, but said that she was ignoring her misgivings during the marriage. At first, Vanessa’s amicable message appeared to be her last word on that relationship. Then, she spoke out against her former partners. She recently discussed the domestic abuse allegations made against them. Eighteen months after Vanessa left Dimitri and Ashley, the Seeking Sister Wife couple continued their search for a sister wife. They began to focus on South African mother, Christeline Petersen. Christeline filled the void that Vanessa left during season 3 of the reality series. Christeline joined Dimitri and Ashley’s polygamous relationship at the end of the season.

Vanessa Has Shown Support For Christeline Petersen

To Dimitri and Ashley’s dismay, Christeline followed in Vanessa’s footsteps, divorcing the Seeking Sister Wife couple shortly after marrying into their family. However, Christeline’s relationship with Dimitri and Ashley ended on worse terms than Vanessa’s did. After leaving them, Christeline filed a restraining order, and accused Dimitri and Ashley of abuse. Christeline had trouble proving Dimitri and Ashley’s guilt in court, but she has a group of Seeking Sister Wife alumni who strongly support her. In addition to Dimitri’s exes Tayler Middleton and Ariadne Joseph condemning the reality star’s actions, Vanessa has broken her silence to support Christeline. On Instagram, Vanessa shared the words, “The same people that did you wrong are telling a different version of the story and they’re playing the victim.” In that post, she also added the words, “If you continually have problems with everyone you come across, more than likely the problem is you.”

Vanessa’s social media activity has indicated to Seeking Sister Wife fans that she might have a complicated past with Dimitri and Ashley, which she has not revealed. Seeking Sister Wife star Tayler spoke about Dimitri’s alleged abuse, and implied that many of the polygamous couple’s exes have signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). This would explain Vanessa’s enigmatic statements about her relationship with Dimitri and Ashley. Currently, Vanessa and Ariadne have set up a GoFundMe for Christeline, as she tries to return to Africa following her extremely negative experience with Dimitri and Ashley. Fans have shown their support for Christeline as she moves on. Vanessa and Ariadne have raised over $9,500.

Vanessa’s relationship with Dimitri and Ashley is likely more troubled than it appears. From their abrupt breakup to Vanessa’s pointed Instagram posts, the former reality star is reclaiming her voice to support Christeline’s fight against Dimitri and Ashley. Vanessa’s experience on Seeking Sister Wife might not have been what it seemed, but the couple’s ex-sister wife is not holding back anymore.

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