Seeking Sister Wife: What Happened To Roberta Merrifield After Season 3


Roberta Merrifield had an eventful run on Seeking Sister Wife season 3, as she tried to join Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield’s marriage, and fans are eager to know what happened to Roberta after season 3. She did her best to get along with Garrick and Dannielle during their time together in SSW, but since the polygamous family stopped filming, the plural marriage has fallen apart. From her burgeoning relationship with Garrick and his sons, to her role in Danielle’s departure, here’s everything that Roberta’s been up to since Seeking Sister Wife season 3.


After over a decade of marriage, Garrick (from SSW‘s third installment) decided that he wanted to transform his monogamous relationship with his wife Dannielle into a polygamous one. Garrick shared that this sudden change in direction came to him when he discovered that polygamists were mentioned in the Bible. While some fans were skeptical of Garrick’s religious logic, Dannielle reluctantly agreed to go along with her husband’s quest for another wife. Garrick soon shared that he had been talking to Roberta, who was interested in joining their marriage. Garrick and Dannielle visited Roberta in Mexico, and agreed to move forward with their plural relationship. Regrettably, the state of the Merrifields’ marriage was left unanswered, prompting fans to wonder what happened to Roberta after season 3.

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Roberta Had Big Plans For Her Plural Relationship

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Roberta intended to move in with Garrick and Dannielle at the end of Seeking Sister Wife season 3, but an unforeseen complication prevented the soon-to-be sister wife from joining her polygamous partners in Colorado. Unfortunately, Roberta contracted the COVID-19 virus, and was restricted from international travel in season 3. Luckily, this didn’t stop her from giving her budding relationships with Garrick and Dannielle a try. After Seeking Sister Wife season 3, Garrick’s social media posts indicated that Roberta was eventually able to land in Colorado, and spend time with his family. On March 27, Garrick shared a now-deleted picture on Facebook, of Roberta with his two sons, Geremiah and Solomon. Garrick noted (this post is also deleted) that his relationship with Roberta was still going strong in August, when he posted pictures of his, “first trip with my sweet sunshine” on Instagram. Sadly, Roberta’s entrance seems to have led to Dannielle’s absence.

While Garrick’s Instagram demonstrated that his relationship with Roberta was thriving, the Seeking Sister Wife cast member’s social media also conveyed that his marriage with Dannielle was coming to an end. Throughout the latter half of 2021, Garrick continued to share his favorite moments with Roberta. Garrick posted a video of Roberta accepting his proposal to be her husband, and several collages of his favorite moments with Roberta, in Mexico and Colorado. Simultaneously, Seeking Sister Wife fans noticed that Dannielle’s presence was wiped from Garrick’s Instagram. It’s likely that Roberta replaced Dannielle, instead of becoming her fellow sister wife. Unfortunately for Roberta’s fans, Garrick hasn’t shared any updates about their relationship since October. Garrick’s latest photos only highlight his sons, which indicates that his marriage with Roberta didn’t work out. Sadly, Roberta has no social media of her own, where she might tell her side of the captivating story.

Plenty of factors prohibited Roberta from joining Garrick and Dannielle’s marriage in Seeking Sister Wife, and the Merrifield family continued to face obstacles after season 3. From her time with Garrick and Dannielle’s kids, to her recent omission from Garrick’s Instagram, it’s unclear exactly what happened to Roberta after season 3. Unfortunately, Roberta doesn’t seem to have achieved the happily ever after that she envisioned on Seeking Sister Wife.

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