Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s ‘Marriage Duties’ With Christine Explained


Kody Brown has just suggested that he wasn’t in love with Christine, noting on Sister Wives he was just going through his marital duties to get by.

Fans of Sister Wives are still reeling from Kody Brown’s recent reveal, noting that he was only intimate with Christine Brown out of “duty.” Viewers feel Kody has not been handling the divorce from his third wife Christine well, and now he is trying his best to hurt her. Kody has never been well-liked by fans, but his recent statements are really causing him trouble.

The newest Sister Wives episode, which aired on November 13, shed some light on Kody’s way of thinking. After some insensitive comments, it is now clear to fans that Kody is all about preserving his feelings, while not worrying about anyone else. Fans were gobsmacked when Kody reported to TLC cameras that he “wasn’t in love” with Christine. In one of the worst confessionals ever given by Kody, he revealed that he was holding hands and kissing Christine, calling it his “duty” as a husband.


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Kody Brown Feels Marriage Is An Investment

Kody Brown with Christine Brown on Sister Wives posing outside with mountain backdrop

Kody has not been able to understand why his ex-wife has been so willing to break up a family. For weeks, Sister Wives fans have watched as Kody has tried to pinpoint the cause of his extreme anger. During the awkward family conversation, Kody shared that he felt like he was an investor who “poured” all his resources into a gamble that didn’t work out. According to the patriarch, he was upset that his marriage didn’t pan out and still blames Christine.

Sister Wives viewers have been confused by the reaction of the father of 18. From Kody’s confessionals, it very much looks like he expected to be able to have a fulfilling marriage with only Robyn Brown that included love and intimacy. However, he was also expecting his discarded wives to stay invested, even when they were not getting the same treatment. Meri has been the only wife who has fulfilled Kody’s expectations when it comes to standing by his side. Kody left that marriage years ago and has since doubled down, noting he no longer feels married to his first wife.

There have already been rumors that Janelle Brown has also left Kody. Christine and Kody’s daughter, Gwen, revealed on TikTok that Janelle has also chosen to leave, but she has yet to confirm. Sister Wives viewers are hoping that another wife has left the patriarch, especially since it is painfully obvious that Kody only has eyes for his fourth and favorite wife. For now, Kody is continuing to push false narratives to make himself look better, but his wives and followers know he is the only one to blame for his issues.

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Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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