Sister Wives: Meri’s Wellness Retreat Guests Didn’t Pay & Were Pals


A confidant close to Meri Brown of Sister Wives shared that no one paid to attend her wellness retreat, and instead, guests included LuLaRoe friends.

It doesn’t come as a surprise for Sister Wives viewers to learn that Meri Brown did not make a profit from her weekend retreat. The mother of one has been searching for an outlet for years ever since Kody Brown made it clear he was no longer interested in an intimate relationship. Sadly, Meri has not had much support from her large polygamous family, and had to search outside her circle for new friends.

A source close to Meri shared with The Sun that the first wife of Kody was scrambling to fill spots at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. The family friend shared with the outlet that “No one paid the prices she asked for.” The photos Meri shared on Instagram of an intimate group also were made up of friends and women from her LuLaRoe group. The outlet also confirmed the identity of one woman who is a part of Meri’s private LuLaRoe group in Utah. The source continued to out Meri, noting that the photo of the group biking was made up of “‘fans’ who filled spots without paying.”


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Meri Brown’s Real Life Retreats Were A Bust

Meri Brown From Sister Wives

Sister Wives viewers couldn’t help but feel as if Meri’s Instagram photos were a PR stunt to help counteract her bad character portrayal in the recent season. One follower commented, “They are all Luluroe people; what normal person would pay that.” Many followers called out that her photos only showed a total of seven women at her weekend retreat, and speculated that she may have had people fill in. Only days before the retreat was set to take place, Meri posted on her social media that there were a lot of extra spots left if anyone wanted to sign up last minute.

It wasn’t long after announcing that she would launch a retreat that Meri found herself in the middle of some intense backlash. A standard ticket costs $4,500, while the VIP package would set fans back $6,400. Both packages included a four-night stay in a possible shared room, three meals a day, two to five activities, morning meditation, and a fire pit in the evening. The VIP package also gave fans extra one-on-one time with TLC star. Sister Wives followers felt the whole weekend was a joke, since Meri has zero qualifications to call herself a motivational guru.

The current season of Sister Wives has shown Meri in an extremely bad light. She has already bad-mouthed Christine Brown for leaving, and is not in a good place with Janelle Brown either. Fans have little empathy for the star, mainly because she has never developed the courage to walk away from Kody. The patriarch has already shared he is no longer in love with her, but she refuses to leave. Now with a failed retreat, Meri will once again have to go back to the drawing board.

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Source: The Sun, Meri Brown/Instagram


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