Sister Wives: Robyn Brown’s Brother Paul Dies At Age 22


Sister Wives star Robyn Brown’s brother Paul Sullivan Jr. is found at home after dying by suicide and leaves behind a letter for his family to find.

Sister Wives viewers are learning more about Robyn Brown’s family after it was revealed that her brother died by suicide. Robyn has been trying her best to keep Kody Brown’s large polygamous family intact but has come up against some major hurdles. Currently, Robyn is dealing with Kody’s anger after the fallout from Christine Brown moving to Utah.

While Robyn isn’t the most loved cast member on Sister Wives, fans were saddened to hear about her tragic family news. U.S. Sun reported that Robyn’s brother, Paul Sullivan Jr., died by suicide at the age of 22. The U.S. Sun was told that Paul had “left a note” for his immediate family before taking his own life. Even though Paul passed away in April 2017, the news was never publicly announced, as Robyn is known to be extremely private when it comes to family matters. The U.S. Sun obtained the Utah police report that shared insider information about Paul’s death.


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Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Never Talked About Her Family’s Tragic Past

Robyn Brown on Sister Wives

It was noted in Paul’s obituary that he loved being outdoors and had enlisted in the Utah Army National Guard. At the time of his death, he was studying at Southern Utah University. Paul was the son of Robyn’s step-father Paul Sullivan Sr. and her mother, Allison. The Utah police report shared that Paul was found dead inside his home. According to the paperwork, Paul’s girlfriend, Alexandra Green, called the police after finding him on the ground in their apartment. The authorities on the scene reported seeing a handgun on the floor and a notebook “on the mini fridge in front of the couch with what appeared to be a suicide note.” At the time of the investigation, the Medical Examiner determined Paul had died from a gunshot wound to the head.

In the five years since her brother’s passing, Robyn has never once mentioned the loss of Paul on her social media accounts. Kody’s favorite wife has also never brought him up while filming Sister Wives. Currently, Robyn seems to be the only wife Kody considered himself married to. As fans know, Christine walked away from her 25-year marriage in November 2021. It has also been rumored that Janelle left Kody after a horrible COVID-19 lockdown. Kody himself has told fans that he does not consider himself married to Meri since he doesn’t trust her.

While the news of Robyn’s brother is heartbreaking, Sister Wives viewers are wondering why she hasn’t chosen to use her celebrity status to bring about awareness for suicide prevention. With the cause so close to her heart, followers would have liked to have seen Robyn open up about the loss of Paul and really try to help others who may be in the same boat. For now, Robyn remains mum on the subject and will probably never speak out on the matter.

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