Sister Wives: The Best Insults About Kody Brown’s Hair Ranked


For years, Kody Brown’s hair has been dragged by Sister Wives followers, who also have a problem with just how vain he seems to be. He has had a lot to contend with recently, including the loss of his third wife, Christine Brown. With all the stress, viewers can’t help but wonder how his hairstyle is holding up.

The 51-year-old patriarch has always enjoyed looking his best, and seems particularly focused on his blonde locks. Sister Wives fans have watched him obsess over his long tresses for 17 seasons. In the early installments of the show, he flat-ironed his hair, and later, in Las Vegas, Kody highlighted his locks, often letting them flow freely in his convertible. There is no doubt that Kody adores his signature hairstyle. However, his love affair with his hair has not transferred over to viewers, who feel that his look is extremely dated. Fans would like it if he got a makeover. Kody’s look rarely changes, as seen on his Instagram account.


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Kody Brown Is Compared To The Grinch

Along with his spiked-up hair, Kody’s attitude often mimics that of the small-hearted Grinch who stole Christmas. The current season of Sister Wives is showing a very nasty and dramatic side of Kody, as he has not been able to hold back his anger towards Christine. He has perhaps given up on grooming, as most scenes show Kody wearing sunglasses atop his head, instead of his regular man bun.

Kody Brown As A Nacho

The meme of Kody wearing nacho cheese, salsa, and guacamole is one of the funnier ones created by Sister Wives fans, since the appetizer almost blends into his natural look. The meme shows Kody’s ex-wife Christine dipping her chip into his head, and has a fun and snarky caption. Christine chose to leave her 25-year-marriage in November 2021, after she realized that she no longer loved the father of 18.

Kody’s Hair Gets Its Own Tagline

This clever meme is by far the winner, as it mocks the Sister Wives’ intro, which stated, “Love should be multiplied, not divided.” Fans couldn’t help but point out how profoundly the stress has been affecting Kody. The divorce has taken a toll, to the point that Kody has started to lose his hair. A callous but clever viewer noted that hair should grow more luxuriant, rather than less. The photo shows Kody looking down, with a patch of hair missing from his crown. His front locks have been coaxed into a forward comb-over, in an attempt to hide the new, more mature look.

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