Sutton Stracke Claims Lisa Rinna’s Behavior Hurts RHOBH Cast


Sutton Stracke, who has feuded with Lisa Rinna for three seasons on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is urging her to stop her behavior.

Sutton Stracke from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is calling out Lisa Rinna, and this time she’s begging her to change her behavior for the sake of her co-stars. Sutton and Lisa’s feud is nothing new to the show’s fans. The pair’s constant battles have been one of the show’s main storylines since Sutton’s first appearance in RHOBH season 10. RHOBH season 12 was nothing different; both diamond holders found themselves on opposing sides again, leading to another rocky season.


Sutton is usually the RHOBH cast member who retreats from the drama, rather than running toward it. In an interview with Page Six, Sutton revealed she is tired of Lisa’s antics because they impact the entire cast. “I just wish that it would stop,” she said. Sutton, who often references her Southern upbringing, shares that Lisa’s behavior isn’t “doing anybody any justice.” RHOBH is an ensemble show, and Sutton feels that Lisa’s behavior is “only hurting everybody,” adding that she thinks “it makes us all look bad.”

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Lisa Rinna Knows She’s A Villain On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Rinna from RHOBH glamour shot with black dress and long hair

Lisa’s social media antics have garnered a lot of negative attention. Her online behavior has sparked many conversations, with fans begging that she be fired or demoted. During the second half of RHOBH season 12, Lisa went head-to-head with Kathy Hilton over allegations that Kathy had a full-blown meltdown while in Aspen, Colorado. Before the latest season aired, news broke about the drama, and Lisa played into it – adding her comments, which instantly confirmed the rumors. While at BravoCon 2022, Lisa was met with an unhappy crowd, who booed her as she walked on stage for the RHOBH panel. In response, Lisa flipped hundreds of fans the bird.

Lisa is facing much criticism this year after viewers watched her treatment of Kathy and some of her other cast mates. She’s been a mainstay on the show since RHOBH season 5, and has always been the series’ antagonist. Kathy shared her relatively strong opinions about Rinna’s antagonistic ways during the explosive RHOBH season 12 reunion special. Lisa is used to defending herself against the show’s fandom, she doesn’t seem phased by either side’s comments. She’s called herself the LeBron James of The Real Housewives franchise, claiming she’s paramount to its success.

Although Lisa had to spend most of the last season defending herself against those who would love to see her exit, she has been able to put her guard down when interacting with the portion of viewers who appreciate her personality on the show. Although Sutton feels Lisa is hurtful toward the RHOBH cast, Lisa will stop at nothing to continue creating drama. Either way, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently the highest-rated series in the franchise, so Lisa’s mix with the rest of the cast must be working.

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