The Family Chantel: Why Fans Are Calling Pedro Stuck Up On Instagram


The Family Chantel fans are blasting Pedro Jimeno on his Instagram page, as his divorce from Chantel Everett looms. The ex-90 Day Fiancé couple went their separate ways this year, after Pedro blindsided Chantel with a separation. Soon, rumors of Pedro’s infidelity circulated online, and fans began to take sides. Fans criticized Pedro for making no attempts to reconcile with Chantel, and felt that another woman was in the picture. As Pedro continues to post photos of his life without his estranged wife, The Family Chantel fans continue to take him to task in his comment section.


In 2016, Pedro and Chantel were introduced on TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé. The couple met while Chantel was on vacation in the Dominican Republic. After three dates, the pair decided to get engaged, which caused conflict within their own families. Pedro’s family did not like Chantel, while her family thought that Pedro was using Chantel to gain citizenship in the United States. The tension between the families, as well as Pedro’s flirty interactions with Coraima Morla, challenged the couple’s relationship over the years. In 2022, The Family Chantel couple finally called it quits. Lately, Pedro has been using his Instagram profile to promote his real estate business. The Family Chantel star, Pedro, who acquired his real estate license in July 2021, opened the comment section back up on his recent post, after deactivating it. He recently shared an Instagram reel video with the caption, “When you ask your buyer if they want a reduction in the sale price or a credit for closing cost.” He mimicked the audio over the video asking, “What do you want” repeatedly.

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Fans Troll Pedro’s Real Estate Post

pedro jimeno

Another Instagram user and The Family Chantel fan, hotromachick, commented under the photo, “He’s stuck up! He forgot who made him! Now he thinks his sh*t don’t stink!” The comment got 80 likes from other users, who shared the sentiment. Another Instagram user, who uses the handle not_your_ave_girl, wrote, “We wanted you to have some respect for your wife and others, but I guess that it is impossible to do coming from a narcissist.”

Pedro Posts His Audi

Pedro’s real estate content isn’t the only post bothering fans. His recent Audi purchase also generated a lot of scrutiny in his comment section. In fact, there were quite a few angry remarks from fans, who saw his debacle with Chantel (over their savings account) on the show. In a separate Instagram post, Pedro posted a video from behind the wheel of his Audi, with the caption, “They don’t like me but they watch me.” Although he received some positive comments, the feedback in the comment section was largely negative. One follower commented, “Nobody is watching you Pedro! What you did to your beautiful wife was wrong! You will reap that seed! Shame on you! You didn’t even try to save your marriage! Which makes everyone know u was only in it for the green card! Shame on you!”

The Family Chantel fans are clearly bothered by Pedro’s ability to move on. However, he shared more professional photos on his Instagram, highlighting his real estate career, as well as his new car. Although he has clearly moved on from Chantel, fans are not ready to move on from the couple. While the divorce is still fresh in fans’ minds, Pedro should probably limit his comment section again, to avoid negative statements.

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