The Hypocrisy of GH’s Josslyn Jacks: Who’s Just Like Their Mommy?


No one has ever accused Josslyn Jacks of being consistent on General Hospital. For most of her life, she was all about Uncle Sonny and what a wonderful man he was, and how he always took care of his family.

General Hospital Shock

Then, Sonny Corinthos left Carly Corinthos for Nina Reeves, and suddenly Joss is shocked — shocked, we tell you — to find out that crime boss Sonny is involved in…actual crime? Like, he breaks the law, hurts people, and everything! He is the worst man who ever lived!

GH: Worst of the Worst

But even worse than Sonny (Maurice Benard) putting hits out on people and manipulating the coffee importing trade, isn’t as bad as Sonny CHEATING on Carly (Laura Wright). There Carly was, mourning her husband, marrying his best friend, and preparing to consumate that marriage, and Sonny, who didn’t even remember that he and Carly were married, had the unmitigated GALL to fall for Nina (Cynthia Watros).

Then, when he got his memory back, he refused to turn off his feelings for Nina like a spigot, and when Carly pushed him too far, Sonny left and went to Nina. Joss (Eden McCoy) can never, ever condone cheating. There is nothing worse than that.

Josslyn Jacks: But, On the Other Hand

Joss is still technically dating Cameron Webber (William Lipton), right? So…um…what exactly is she doing with Dex Heller (Evan Hoffer)? We know Joss has been emotionally cheating on Cam with Dex for weeks now. But with that kiss they shared, we are now in actual cheating territory.

Granted, Joss isn’t having sex with Dex. But, then again, she isn’t having sex with Cam, either. We get that having their first time broadcast as a sex tape to all their classmates was very, very traumatic. But rather than dealing with it, Joss has just been stringing Cam along…while obviously panting after Dex. Might this make her more sympathetic toward Sonny? If Joss is anything like her mother — and she obviously is — it will, more likely, make her even more self-righteous.

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