The Originals: The 10 Greatest Fears Of The Mikaelson Family, Ranked


Joseph Morgan, better known as Klaus, is set to appear in DC’s Titans, but fans will always remember his role as head of the Mikaelson family in The Originals. The Original family was quite unique and all-powerful, but that only meant that they had more to be afraid of, despite their immortality.

Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, and Freya were the strongest beings on the planet, but they had also made countless enemies during their time on the planet. Their own parents were against their existence, which led to the Mikaelson family being disjointed and very afraid for years.


The Trinity’s Power Frightened The Original Siblings

Aurora, Lucien and Tristan in The Originals

The first three vampires that Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah turned were called The Trinity, and while they were not Original-level strong, they were the most powerful vampires in the world following their makers. The Mikalesons had compelled Lucien, Aurora and Tristan to think they were the Originals (which was what made these three formidable).

Tristan, Aurora and Lucien did find their way out of the fog and wanted revenge, which frightened the Originals a bit. They knew they had done wrong, and these vampires were clever enough to take them on. However, their threat wasn’t too big, and they could suppress The Trinity easily.

The Original Siblings Were Sometimes Afraid Of Klaus

Klaus Mikaelson looking intimidating on The Originals

By virtue of being volatile, unpredictable and traumatized, Klaus became dangerous to his own family and he knew it. They were afraid of him because he was the strongest and had a bad habit of daggering his brothers and sister when they annoyed him even slightly.

Still, Klaus was family and Elijah and Rebekah knew how to handle him when he got mad. With time, Klaus got better and never looked to permanently hurt his family. They would always make it back alive.

The Witches And Ancestors Posed A Great Threat To The Original Vampires

Davina Claire casting a spell, her hair blowing in the wind

New Orleans witches drew their power from their ancestors in the afterlife, and neither of them were fans of the Originals or any vampires, for that matter. The witches were against the birth of Hope and the existence of the Originals, and they regularly tried to harm them, (including torturing Kol in the afterlife).

The Mikaelsons had real reason to be afraid of the ancestors and their magic since they could inflict very real harm on their strongest. Staying on their good side or clear of them was imperative.

Esther And Finn’s Morality Often Created Some Of The Mikaelsons’ Greatest Fears

Every Vampire Diaries Character Who Died In The Originals Esther Finn

A lot of the Mikaelson family dysfunction stemmed from the fact that they were bent on killing each other. Esther was the one who had created vampirism in her children, but she felt like it was within her rights to take away their lives and powers when she felt morally compelled to do so.

This was especially scary to Elijah, Rebekah, Klaus and Kol because their mother hated who they were, and their brother Finn assisted her in ending their lives as they knew it. Familial attacks were the worst because they were aware of all the chinks in their armor.

Dahlia’s Debt Caused Several Fears For The Mikaelson Family

Dahlia stands before glowing lights on The Originals

Dahlia was one of the best characters introduced after season 1 of The Originals, but the Mikaelsons owed her a fearsome debt for the rest of time, thanks to Esther’s unfortunate trades. Dahlia had claim to every first-born child, which was a threat that came out of nowhere.

Dahlia was even more powerful than Esther, and the Mikaelsons had a tough time protecting Hope from the witch since she descended on them with her full might. They did not know how to combat her potent magic and risked losing the newest member of the family to her (which scared the Mikaelsons a lot).

Marcel’s Bite Could Bring To Life Some Of The Mikaelson’s Worst Fears

Rebekah and Marcel fighting over a sword on The Originals

The Mikaelson siblings never thought that somebody could figure out a way to make an upgraded Original, but Lucien did. While they were able to take Lucien out collectively, Marcel was not someone they had figured would take the serum, and he wanted blood.

Unlike Klaus’, Marcel’s bite had no cure. It was fatal to the Originals, and Marcel was not feeling hospitable to the Originals because of Davina’s death. After centuries of being unbeatable, Marcel had finally hunted down the hunters, and they were afraid,

The Hollow Terrified The Mikaelson Family

The Hollow stands before candles in The Originals

Inadu, or The Hollow, was the entity who was finally able to finish Klaus and Elijah, which nobody else had managed to do. This power-hungry witch possessed almost every single Mikaelson member and truly made them scramble to save Hope.

Still, the Originals were not petrified of the Hollow, as one might think they would be (which they get wrong about the Mikaelsons). Klaus and Elijah accepted their fate and chose to sacrifice themselves to save their family. It was one of their biggest acts of courage against a feared enemy.

The Mikaelson’s Were Afraid Of Mikael’s Wrath On The Originals

Klaus and Mikael in The Originals

The father of the clan, Mikael, was the biggest fear of the rest of the family. His intense hatred for Klaus, and the siblings’ support of Klaus made them the object of his ire for centuries, and he hunted them down.

Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and Kol were terrified of Mikael, who was ruthless and bent upon killing them. He wouldn’t even let them settle down and put down roots anywhere since he always caught up with them. He was their nightmare.

The Mikaelson’s Were Afraid Of White Oak Stakes

The weapon that could permanently kill the Originals was the object they were most afraid of. In fact, they had burnt down the white oak tree and all other remnants of it to save themselves from ever facing the stake, which showed how much power it held over them.

A final death scared the Mikaelsons, and the weapon was made impervious to fire by Esther in The Vampire Diaries. They all sought to gain control on the last White Oak Stake, or destroy it to save themselves.

The Mikaelson’s Were Afraid Of Losing Hope And Their Family

Hope looking to her right in The Originals

After centuries of misery and running, the Mikaelsons got reprieve in the form of baby Hope, who truly made their days better. She was a ray of light in all their darkness, but too many people wanted her dead. The family motto of “Always and Forever” was strengthened by her birth, and it proved once again that losing family was the one thing that scared them the most.

The Mikaelson siblings protected each other, and avenged each other’s losses. Nothing was more devastating to them than losing Hope or any other family member.

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