The Vampire Diaries: The 10 Best Decisions Klaus Ever Made, Ranked


Joseph Morgan is ready to wow audiences with his new role of Brother Blood in Titans, and fans can’t wait to see the suave Klaus actor return to screens as another villain. Morgan’s Klaus was inarguably the most compelling villain to star in The Vampire Diaries, which is probably why the Original hybrid still has a massive fan following to date.

Klaus was evil incarnate, but he did make some good decisions for himself and his family. His overarching aim was to always protect the Mikaelsons, and sometimes he extended that courtesy to select members of the Mystic Falls gang. His best decisions were always well-calculated.


10/10 He Compelled Away Stefan’s Memories

The 20s were a riotous time for Klaus, Rebekah and Stefan. They met and got along since Stefan’s Ripper tendencies suited the Originals well. However, when Mikael got wind of their whereabouts, Klaus fled and compelled away Stefan’s memories.

As a character, Klaus was known to be self-serving, but this action benefited his family and Stefan too. He could make himself untraceable by vanishing, and Stefan would also not be crucified by Mikael or any of Klaus’ enemies to find out where the Mikaelsons resided.

9/10 He Gave His Blood To Damon

Damon made the worst decisions which got him into life-threatening jams, and getting bitten by a werewolf was one of them. He was extremely important to Stefan and Elena, so Klaus did a rare good deed by giving Damon his blood to cure him of the bite.

Sure, Klaus liked getting something in return, but he could have also just left Damon to die, which would mean less protection for Elena. Instead, he showed the last vestiges of humanity left in him to save the younger vamp.

8/10 He Embraced His Wolf Identity

While Elena’s fans and the brothers dreaded Klaus unlocking his werewolf side, it was very beneficial for him to do so. Klaus had a history of abuse and neglect by his parents because of his birth, and he could never accept himself because he had been called weak by Mikael one too many times.

He needed to embrace his whole identity as a wolf and vampire to become his strongest self. True, it made Klaus a more ruthless villain than he already was, but it helped him out of a vicious cycle of ill-treatment.

7/10 He Saved Caroline

Caroline brought back a measure of mercy and empathy in Klaus, which led him to save her multiple times. She was his one true love, and looking out for her gave Klaus a purpose in life — one that didn’t involve killing relentlessly or gaining power.

He fed her his blood to cure her of a werewolf bite, protected her from witches, and he saved her from Alaric’s wrath at the risk of his own life. In Caroline, he gained a lifelong love and partner who always had his back, right till the end. Saving her was one of the few times Klaus was the good guy.

6/10 He Gave Up On His Hybrid Army Plans

At first, Klaus only wanted to sire more hybrids to make him an army that would forever protect him. He would effectively rule the supernatural world with this fleet, but Klaus realized that there was more waiting for him in New Orleans.

He needed to see the growing “threat” there who turned out to be his daughter. It was a huge feat for Klaus to give up on his plans to conquer the world and raise his daughter instead. It was the most loving decision he took for everyone who depended on him.

5/10 He Saved Elena From The Hunter’s Curse

Klaus knew better than anyone about the Hunter’s Curse, and while Stefan and Damon fumbled about how to protect Elena from herself, Klaus was the one who stepped up and did what had to be done — locked her up.

Unlike the Salvatores, he had no qualms about trapping her for her benefit. He knew that she would want to kill herself because of the hallucinations, so he took proactive steps. It was one of the few times he actually kept Elena safe for unselfish reasons.

4/10 He Let Katherine “Die” In Peace

Even though he returned to Mystic Falls to gloat over Katherine’s human corpse, Klaus decided not to when Caroline showed her disapproval. He understood in a few words that he had tormented Katherine enough, and she deserved to go in some measure of peace.

It was a humane gesture on Klaus’ part. After chasing Katerina around the world, he didn’t collect his dues from her on her deathbed. Being around Caroline made Klaus take better steps in life.

3/10 He Helped Stefan With Rayna Cruz

At first, Klaus stepped away from Stefan when he came for help with Rayna Cruz, but on further thought, he decided to help an old friend. He sent him to Freya who hid him with the help of magic and herbs, which was the least Klaus could have done for Stefan after the havoc he had wreaked.

He was able to save his life because of his timely intervention, as Rayna would have surely gained on him during that time. He only became better with time.

2/10 He Supported Caroline’s School

Klaus’ love for Caroline was not just something he spoke about. He supported her in all her endeavors, so when she decided to start the Salvatore school meant for magical kids, Klaus sent her a hefty donation amount to cover her costs.

It was a sweet gesture and one that went a long way toward Caroline’s dreams. He encouraged her in the best way, even when he physically couldn’t be around to help her out.

1/10 He Sacrificed Himself For Family

In The Originals, Klaus turned a new leaf. His daughter Hope was everything that he needed to redeem himself, and he would have given up the world for her. When the Hollow threatened to devour Hope, Klaus decided to take this chance to sacrifice himself and save her.

This was the best thing he could have done to save his family, and he stepped in when his daughter needed him the most. He chose Hope over himself, for the last time.

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