The Walking Dead Season 11 Makes Eugene Stand Trial [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]


Screen Rant presents an exclusive clip from The Walking Dead season 11, episode 22, which shows Eugene standing trial with Yumiko as his attorney.

Screen Rant is thrilled to present an exclusive clip from this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled “Faith,” which sees Eugene finally standing trial for the death of Pamela Milton’s son. Season 11C of the long-running series has been building up to this moment for the character ever since he allied himself with Connie, Kelly, and Max in order to expose the crimes the apparently benevolent Commonwealth leader was covering up on behalf of the spoiled and vicious Sebastian. Though Eugene only attacked him in defense of another life, throwing him into a pack of walkers who did the rest, it was evident Pamela would never let it slide.


The Walking Dead season 11, episode 22 brings the fateful hour of the actual trial, but at least all hope is not lost for Eugene. Though Yumiko was originally meant to prosecute him on behalf of the Commonwealth, she refused to turn against him and announced her decision to act as his defense attorney instead in “What’s Been Lost.” She may not be successful in her endeavors, but at least the fan-favorite character will have someone honorable standing beside him as he faces this potentially insurmountable obstacle.

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Screen Rant‘s exclusive clip from The Walking Dead season 11, episode 22 opens with Pamela breaking down while on the witness stand. She dramatically re-enacts her desperation at her son Sebastian dying in her arms and claims Eugene must pay for murdering him. Yumiko requests the comments be stricken from the record, but she is denied. While Eugene seems to have accepted his fate, Yumiko still has faith the jury can be swayed. A look back at Stephanie seems to seal the deal, and he steels himself for the legal battle to come—however rigged the game might be.

What To Expect In The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 22

After the events of “Outpost 22,” Negan must still reunite with and rescue his pregnant wife Annie, and fans hope desperately that Maggie will be able to do the same with her son Hershel. The Walking Dead delights in tearing families asunder, but which so few episodes remaining, it would be a gift to see some of them come back together as best they can. Daryl and Carol may have exactly what it takes to free the rest of their imprisoned companions and their abducted children, and audiences will soon learn whether Yumiko is clever enough to outmaneuver Pamela and prevent Eugene from facing the so-called justice of the Commonwealth.

Only two episodes of The Walking Dead remain after “Faith,” but questions continue to arise that may pave the way for some of its long-awaited spinoffs. The Walking Dead: Dead City is up first, following Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan and Lauren Cohan’s Maggie on a mysterious road trip to New York City. Whether it’s for the sake of their families or further issues with the Commonwealth will be revealed in the next weeks, while both Daryl and Rick & Michonne are further off and currently more open-ended.

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The Walking Dead airs Sunday, November 6 at 9pm ET on AMC, with new episodes available one week early on AMC+.


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