The Walking Dead: Who is Michael Weaver that played The Warden?


Several new characters have been introduced, even with The Walking Dead series in its final episodes. One new character had a short-lived time in the series, but you may have recognized him from other roles. Michael Weaver portrayed The Warden, a member of the Commonwealth in charge of the exiled residents placed in the labor camp.

The Warden was featured in three episodes of The Walking Dead, but even in that short of a time, it was revealed that he is a cold-hearted and sadistic man who ruled with an iron fist. He is a prime example of the evil that rules the Commonwealth.

He dehumanizes all the exiles under his authority by not allowing them to use their names or know his. He has no sympathy for the people working the camps or even his own troopers. He denied one soldier a transfer to be near his ailing brother. And had no problems splitting Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his pregnant wife Annie (Medina Senghore).

Even when Rosita (Christian Serratos) was holding one of his reanimated soldiers to his face, he didn’t relent. He refuses to tell her where Coco, her daughter, and the other children are being held. This leads to Rosita unleashing the walker on him, and he is then devoured.

The Walking Dead – Michael Weaver

It is always great to have villains like The Warden in the series, but it is even better to view them getting their comeuppance. The Warden was much like Negan as the leader of Saviors by using fear as their leadership technique to keep people in line.

Weaver is probably best known for his role as Officer Smy in the comedy hit Super Troopers. He caught Bill Paxton’s eye while filming for Club Dread, which led to Paxton casting him as US Open Champion John McDermott in The Greatest Game Ever Played.

Other roles you will recognize him from include Diary of a Future President, Here and Now, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Law & Order, Parenthood, and many more.

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