Times 90 Day Fiancé’s Kalani Threw Shade At Asuelu In 2022


Kalani Faagata from 90 Day Fiancé has been throwing subtle shade at Asuelu Pulaa, as rumors of their split continue to spread. The Californian woman Kalani was on vacation in Samoa when she met Asuelu at a resort, and lost her virginity to him. Kalani became pregnant with her and Asuelu’s first son, and after he moved to the U.S. in 90 Day Fiancé season 6, they got married and had baby number two. While they continued expanding their family, Kalani and Asuelu had problems in their relationship that they couldn’t resolve. Asuelu’s accident stopped them from getting divorced the first time, but in June 2022, he claimed that he was not married on Instagram.


As fans know, Kalani and Asuelu’s recent separation rumors began after their 90 Day Diaries episode, in which she asked him for the number of times that their kids had, “almost died” because he wasn’t able to look after them. Asuelu had taken to social media to claim that Kalani had stopped communicating with him, but he couldn’t share more, due to his contract with the show’s producers. Fans took this as a sign that Kalani and Asuelu were returning for a new 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season, but that never happened. This further deepened the mystery of their supposed divorce. As of now, Kalani who was trying to sell off the Utah home that she was staying in with Asuelu and their children, is in California. 90 Day Fiancé star Asuelu has flown back to Samoa, and no one knows if he’s planning to come back.

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Are Kalani & Asuelu Faking Their Split?

90 Day Fiance's Kalani and Asuelu taking a photo with their son

If Asuelu does return to America, and heads to California, it could mean that the couple is together, and creating a fake situation to attract attention to their lives. However, Kalani has also given quite a few clues on her own Instagram about how she could be starring in the next 90 Day: The Single Life installment. Based on all the shade she’s thrown at her husband, he may now be a part of her past.

Kalani Is Hurt That Larissa Lima Blocked Her

Kalani Faagata Fenty Instagram In 90 Day Fiance 2 closed eyes

After their nasty and disturbing fight on 90 Day Diaries in May, Kalani took to her Instagram Story to reveal that, “Mr. Boohole” had blocked her. It was the last time that Kalani directly referenced Asuelu, especially after the episode had shown her saying that, “something bad usually happens” when she lets Asuelu watch their kids. However, instead of slamming her husband for going back to his usual childish ways, and blocking her on IG, Kalani admitted that she also found out that Larissa Lima had blocked her. “And that actually hurt my feelings LMAOOO,” Kalani stated. Then, she went on by writing, “Tell Larissa I’m sorry for whatever I did,” and added a “kiss face” emoji.

90 Day Fiancé Star Kalani Wants To Have A New Man’s Baby

Kalani Faagata from 90 Day Fiancé Instagram photo posing in front of bushes

Meanwhile, the popular and inspiring 90 Day Fiancé star Kalani recently hosted a surprise Instagram Q&A. Before she started it, she told fans not to ask her any questions about, “you know who.” One fan asked Kalani if she wanted any more babies in the future. She said that she loves her boys. Kalani likes it that they are older now, as looking after them has gotten easier. However, in the next instant, Kalani added, “But I’ve always wanted a girl.” It was Kalani’s mom who convinced her that it’s, “totally different with a girl,” which is why she is interested in having a baby daughter. “So, I don’t know … If you know anyone that wants to put a baby inside of me,” said Kalani, who is still married to Asuelu. Then, she laughed loudly.

Kalani Said She Needed To Get Her Nails Done On Pillow Talk

Kalani Faagata from 90 Day Fiancé smiling with sky in background

Kalani has been making regular appearances on TLC, even when there are rumors that she and Asuelu are splitting up. She is currently a part of Pillow Talk with sister Kolini Faagata, and fans enjoy watching the two of them, thanks to their fun banter. Recently, Kalani did something quite odd that caught the attention of fans. It seemed to be a confirmation that Kalani and Asuelu were separated. Kalani happened to randomly yell, “ow,” and raised her left hand to examine it. She claimed her fingernails were, “cracked,” and asked her sister if she wanted to accompany her to a manicure appointment. 90 Day Fiancé fans think that Kalani wanted to draw their attention to the missing ring on her left hand, which they think confirms that yet another 90 Day Fiancé relationship has ended.

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