TWD Finale Can Reveal The Franchise’s Biggest Villain Yet – Theory Explained


Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead season 11, episode 23

In its very last episode, The Walking Dead has an opportunity to introduce the biggest villain in the entire franchise. The Commonwealth is the greatest threat ever encountered by the core cast featured in the main series, but certain developments elsewhere in The Walking Dead have demonstrated that much bigger problems exist.

With only one episode remaining in The Walking Dead’s eleventh and final season, it may seem far too late for the show to be introducing another villain for the Alexandrians to fight. However, The Walking Dead’s future makes a new character reveal a real possibility for the series finale. After all, it’s no secret that the episode isn’t a true ending to the story. Norman Reedus will reprise his role as Daryl in Daryl Dixon, while Maggie and Negan will be back in The Walking Dead: Dead City. Plus, loose ends from season 9 and season 10 will be explored when Rick and Michonne return in their own spinoff. Here’s how the finale could lay the groundwork for these shows by introducing Major General Beale.


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What Walking Dead: World Beyond Has Revealed About Beale

Elizabeth with CRM soldiers, a helicopter in the background, from a scene in Walking Dead: World Beyond.

The Walking Dead: The World Beyond confirmed the identity of one of the biggest figures within the ranks of the CRM. Someone named “Beale” holds the position of major general in the organization. Beale never appeared in person, so a face has not been put to the name yet. The power he holds in The Walking Dead universe was on full display in World Beyond season 2 when the main characters captured Mason, who turned out to be Beale’s son. His connection to Beale made him so valuable that the CRM was hard-pressed to take action against Hope, Iris, and the others.

How the series emphasized the significance of this character (but stopped short of actually showing him) was a sign of his future importance to the Walking Dead franchise. From the looks of things, he’s one of the leaders of the CRM and arguably one of the most powerful people in the country. With that being the case, it makes sense that he’ll appear in a Walking Dead show sooner or later.

Major General Beale Could Have Commonwealth Connections

Pamela Milton from The Walking Dead on stage in a blazer addressing the Commonwealth.

Even before the airing of The Walking Dead season 11, it was speculated that the Commonwealth would share a secret link to the CRM. That wouldn’t be entirely shocking, considering that it’s already known that the CRM has ties to other large settlements. Given the size and scope of the Commonwealth, it’s certainly possible that they wound up on the CRM’s radar at some point or another. As huge as the Commonwealth is, the CRM has an even more impressive reach. For that reason, it’s not hard to imagine the two organizations crossing paths at a previous point in The Walking Dead timeline. An alliance or trading pact could have even been formed.

In fact, what’s been established about the CRM suggests that they would desire to have a network of communities as powerful as the Commonwealth under their thumb. The extreme, preemptive measures they took against their own settlements in World Beyond is indicative of their distrustful mindset. So with that said, it’s easy to believe that they’d be uneasy about the Commonwealth, who could be perceived as a potential threat. If it’s true that they have dealings with Pamela Milton, then there is indeed a chance that the CRM – and perhaps Major General Beale himself – will make a surprise appearance in The Walking Dead series finale.

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Admittedly, time is running out for The Walking Dead to finally confirm the CRM-Commonwealth theories, but the finale may be the appropriate time for such a reveal to happen. Until episode 23, there wouldn’t have been a need for the CRM to take a hand in the show’s central conflict. But the battle within the Commonwealth’s walls and Pamela Milton’s life being on the line drastically raises the stakes. If the main characters gain the upper hand, Pamela may make a call to the CRM, either for help or extraction. Whichever the reason, this decision could result in a cameo from Major General Beale ahead of the new spinoffs.

Beale & The CRM Will Play A Big Role In Walking Dead Spinoffs

rick and michonne poster

AMC hasn’t announced that Beale will be involved in the new shows, but confirmation of that has hardly felt necessary. All the setup in World Beyond and the direction of the spinoffs make it abundantly clear he’ll be relevant to the franchise in the wake of The Walking Dead’s ending. With the CRM serving as the ultimate villains of the franchise, they could have a substantial presence in not one, but all three of the new shows.

The series headlined by Rick and Michonne, for instance, is sure to deal heavily with the CRM. The CRM abducted Rick, who is believed to have been with them for the last seven years in The Walking Dead timeline. And since Michonne’s season 10 exit, she’s been on a mission to find him. Presumably, the CRM will be the biggest obstacle toward a reunion between the couple. The inclusion of the CRM helicopters on the poster for Rick and Michonne’s show erased any lingering doubts about the CRM’s role in the upcoming spinoff. As for Beale himself, his authority makes him the strongest candidate for the show’s main villain.

CRM connections could extend to Daryl Dixon and Walking Dead: Dead City as well. Daryl Dixon, for its part, will take Daryl to France, which is a move that was apparently being set up in secret when World Beyond ended. The series concluded with a tease of intelligent zombies in France that in hindsight, appears to have been one of the first major building blocks for Daryl’s spinoff. The fact that this happened in a show about the CRM could mean that there’s a direct correlation between the two. The CRM may even be the ones who send Daryl to France in the first place.

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A similar twist could be in store for Maggie and Negan’s show since it will naturally take a major development for either character, much less both of them, to head to New York. With their departure from the community seemingly coinciding with Daryl’s, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that the CRM will be at the center of their next journey. All things considered, the CRM and Major General Beale will have quite a lot on their plate when The Walking Dead ends.

The Walking Dead concludes on Sunday on AMC.

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