Walking Dead Father Gabriel Actor Shares Reaction To Character’s Ending


The Walking Dead’s Seth Gilliam has shared his reaction to Father Gabriel’s ending and coming full circle with the character on the series finale.

Actor Seth Gilliam has shared his reaction to Father Gabriel’s ending and his eventful journey with the character on the series finale of The Walking Dead. The zombie juggernaut’s final season saw the survivors fight against the Commonwealth, an enormous community that tried to recreate the world before the apocalypse, but was fundamentally broken from the inside. Gabriel and the main cast of characters initially believed the place could serve as a fresh start, but the discovery of an abusive class system and corrupt leaders led to a season-long confrontation that ended with The Walking Dead’s explosive series finale.


Speaking in an interview with Comicbook, Gilliam shared his thoughts on Father Gabriel’s ending in The Walking Dead’s series finale. Gilliam talked about the importance of having great character moments that viewers will remember in every project as an actor. On the other hand, Gilliam mentioned that when the time comes to perform those character-defining moments, there’s a bit of hesitance because of their importance to the character’s journey and the fear of not doing them justice. Check out the full quote below.

It was really exciting, and humbling, and a little terrifying as well. You want to have seminal moments at anything that you do that people are gonna remember, that are a part of the story forever that can’t be cut out. But then, when you get them, you’re like, ‘Well, am I ready for it? I’ve been angling for this for a while. Am I ready for it?’

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Gabriel’s TWD Finale Heroism Was The Perfect End To His Redemption Arc

Maggie hides in The Walking Dead

Father Gabriel had a long journey on The Walking Dead, surpassing that of his comic book counterpart by quite a bit. In the comics written by Robert Kirkman, the character died still in his cowardly days, after getting his foot trapped in the stairs of a water tower while trying to warn his group of the incoming Whisperers’ army. Gabriel died in the water tower trapped and upside down as he watched an approaching Beta slit his throat and cut open his intestines so the walkers could feed on the poor priest. Luckily for Gilliam, AMC’s The Walking Dead set the character on a very different, and much more rewarding, journey.

Gabriel managed to survive the whole show, outliving his comic book death, and getting to his long-awaited redemption. After premiering all the way back on The Walking Dead season 5 as a cowardly priest who had locked himself inside his church and let his congregation outside to die, Father Gabriel went on a journey that led to one of the best character developments of the whole show. The character surviving the Whisperers’ arc on the show allowed Gabriel to play a significant role in The Walking Dead’s final season. Gabriel became a major character on The Walking Dead, graduating from one of the most hated characters on the show to a fan-favorite.

The priest’s journey on the show saw him let go of his cowardly ways and become braver, culminating in Gabriel’s status as one of the leaders of the Alexandria group by the end of the show. After such an eventful journey, Gabriel got the chance to finally atone for his sins in The Walking Dead’s series finale. The final episode had his arc come full circle, with Gabriel opening the gates for people who were about to get swarmed by an incoming horde while risking getting shot by the Commonwealth’s soldiers. Father Gabriel found his redemption and ended his journey on The Walking Dead through this moment.

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