Walking Dead Series Finale Will Focus On Select Important Characters


Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The Walking Dead season 11, episode 23.The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang has teased the show’s series finale will focus on a selection of important characters during its 60-minute runtime. The end of The Walking Dead promises to show viewers major characters like Daryl, Carol, and Maggie fending off a massive herd of Walkers in the Commonwealth, working alongside all other major characters in the series. Season 11, Episode 23 ended with every important hero in the Commonwealth being swarmed by the zombie horde, distracting them while Daryl carries an injured Judith to the community’s infirmary. The penultimate episode’s ending promises an action-packed, high-stakes finale for The Walking Dead.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kang revealed that The Walking Dead‘s series finale would mostly focus on select important characters. She says that because of the limitations of having an hour-long runtime and so many characters, not every character will get an equal amount of screen time in the final episode. Check out Kang’s full statement below:

What I’ll say is that this is the approach that we took, and it’s possible that not everybody’s going to be satisfied with this, but when you do have that many characters, you cannot give every person equal weight in something that is basically, I don’t know, 60 minutes of screen time. You’re just gonna have a nothing burger story. So the way we looked at it is when we get to the end, we want a hint of what has happened to everybody, but we really use this entire block of episodes to point the spotlight at different people at different times, so that hopefully everybody got a moment to shine and to show who they’ve become in this. But they still have this one last fight to go through together. But the finale is definitely focused more on some particular stories. It’s not going to be every single person gets equal screen time, because like I said, it just makes it impossible to wrangle.

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Who Will Get The Most Screen Time In TWD’s Series Finale

Michael James Shaw as Mercer and Lauren Cohan as Maggie in Walking Dead

While Kang’s explanation doesn’t clarify who will be getting the most screen time during The Walking Dead‘s series finale, the show has already indicated who the most important characters will be during the Walker attack on the Commonwealth. Daryl and Judith’s escape from the herd means they are bound to have more of a focus as Daryl attempts to save Judith after Governor Pamela Milton shot her. Their story is likely to reconcile not only the opening narrations Judith has been doing throughout season 11, part 3, but possibly her knowledge of Michonne will also look for Rick. The penultimate episode clarifies how much she’s been thinking of her lost parents, making her time with Daryl after being shot the perfect opportunity to bring up Michonne’s mission to find Rick.

Characters with big roles in the story are also bound to get more screen time in the finale, such as Mercer, who was arrested for his attempted coup against Pamela. As the Walker invasion worsens, Mercer will no doubt find a way to spring into action despite being taken into custody. In a similar boat are Eugene, Gabriel, and Rosita, the trio appearing trapped in an apartment complex during series finale previews. Rosita and Gabriel’s search for their baby, Coco, is an ongoing plot thread yet to be resolved, promising to be a focal point during the finale while the Commonwealth gets overrun by zombies.

Earlier comments from Kang ahead of the finale also indicate there will be some setup for The Walking Dead spinoffs set to air next year, indicating that – aside from Daryl – Maggie and Negan will also be focal characters in the series finale. While it’s still unclear how the duo will find themselves in New York City during The Walking Dead: Dead City in April, the final episode has a chance to give audiences insight into how they wind up in the Big Apple. While not every single character in The Walking Dead will be getting the spotlight during the series finale, there are still plenty of major survivors whose stories will make for a compelling final hour for the zombie series.

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