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Chicago Med has done a great job of honoring the past and incorporating the future during season 8. We’ve seen characters make peace with the mistakes they’ve made, but that doesn’t mean they will avoid making new ones.

Case in point: Maggie (Marlyne Barrett). The character’s relationship with Ben (Charles Malik Whitfield) has been rough in the last few episodes, and she seemingly makes matters worse by going for a joy ride with Grant (Wayne T. Carr), aka Vanessa’s father.

Ben has already made his jealousy of Grant clear, so deciding to spend time with the latter is one that could have some long term repercussions for Maggie. That’s assuming the short term ones aren’t too damaging.

Maggie gets in a car accident on Chicago Med

As the promo for the episode “Everyone’s Fighting a Battle You Know Nothing About”, showcased, Maggie and Grant get in a car accident before they’re able to return from their joy ride. It’s unclear how serious the accident is, and whether Maggie will be taken out of action as a result, but it definitely doesn’t look good.

There’s been some speculation that Maggie could miss a few episodes due to her injuries, and given the personal health struggles that Marlyne Barrett has had to deal with in real life, it would make sense. If anything, it’d be a smart way of giving the actress time to focus on herself without writing Maggie out of the show completely.

Check out the promo and synopsis for Chicago Med season 8, episode 8:

Will, Crockett and Justin Lieu (a new first-year resident) try to facilitate a trans-organ exchange. Hannah and Nellie help a sexual assault survivor. Ethan and Archer treat a patient whose case could expose a fraudulent doctor. Grant and Maggie take a trip down memory lane.

Watch Chicago Med season 8, episode 8

Date: Wednesday, Nov. 16
Start Time: 7/8c
Episode: Season 8, Episode 8, “Everyone’s Fighting a Battle You Know Nothing About”
TV Channel: NBC
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