What Are The Legal Proceedings Surrounding Love Is Blind’s SK & Raven?


Raven Ross and Siriku “SK” Alagbada are the latest Love Is Blind couple to split after a whirlwind week of allegations, and now that the pair are reportedly locked in a legal battle, here’s what could be going on behind closed doors. Although Raven and SK’s engagement kicked off slowly when they met on Love Is Blind season 3, their honest conversations quickly impressed viewers. Love Is Blind fans were shocked when SK unexpectedly declined to marry Raven, but since the couple continued to date after the show, many were convinced that Raven and SK would one day make it back down the altar.


Unfortunately, Raven and SK’s relationship went down in flames soon after the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion premiered. SK was accused of infidelity by several women on TikTok shortly after the season concluded, and while Love Is Blind fans like Lizzo hoped the couple would succeed, Raven and SK announced their break-up with joint Instagram Stories on November 20. Although their split wasn’t a surprise to those who have followed Raven and SK’s recent drama, the now-former Love Is Blind couple raised eyebrows with the statement, “Due to ongoing legal proceedings surrounding these allegations, we can not provide additional details.” There are many theories as to what Raven and SK’s ominous legal battles may be.

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Will Love Is Blind’s SK & Raven Sue For Defamation?

SK was first accused of infidelity by TikTok user @Emmwho9 on November 14, who shared a series of now-deleted texts between her and SK after Love Is Blind season 3 was filmed in the spring of 2021. A few days later, @hannahbethstyle identified herself as SK’s ex-girlfriend and, in another now-deleted TikTok, shared dozens of timestamps that revealed she spent time with SK as recently as this summer. While Raven redeemed herself in Love Is Blind season 3, Hannah provided further evidence that she tried to contact Raven about SK; however, she was ignored. Due to all the public attention these allegations have brought, it’s possible SK, Raven, or both Love Is Blind stars may sue the women for defamation or another similar reason, which is why they won’t discuss their split further.

Did SK Break His Love Is Blind Season 3 Contract?

While there’s a possibility that SK could enter a legal battle over the infidelity accusations, there’s a greater chance that if what the ladies alleged is true, SK broke his Love Is Blind season 3 contract with Netflix. Before SK and Raven split, SK admitted he was unhappy with his storyline on Love Is Blind and claimed his engagement wasn’t portrayed properly. While these statements didn’t stand out at the time, if SK did date other people while Love Is Blind season 3 taped and reportedly told Hannah his relationship with Raven was fake, there’s no doubt that this would be a clear violation of his contract with Netflix. Depending on what SK and Raven signed to appear in Love Is Blind, SK’s scandal could easily lead to legal repercussions.

Occam’s razor, in its basic form, is the idea that the simplest explanation is often the most logical. If this principle is applied to Raven and SK’s unidentified legal proceedings, it’s entirely possible that while Zanab Jaffrey has criticized Cole Barnett since Love Is Blind season 3 ended, Raven and SK could be using the law as an excuse to avoid statements about their split. There’s no doubt Raven, SK, and their Love Is Blind co-stars had to adjust to being in the limelight, and since they refused to comment on the allegations when they surfaced, the pair could be using ominous legal troubles as a way to avoid the questions that millions of people now have. Although Raven and SK’s journey was celebrated by Love Is Blind season 3 fans, SK may have just joined Zanab as the viewers’ newest villain.

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