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Married at First Sight shares outcomes for each couple on Decision Day, but fans can be left wondering what happens after the show ends. MAFS season 7 left fans with many questions. Dozens of singles looking for love have been matched by relationship experts, but only a handful remain together as of November 2022.

The season premiered in July 2018 and introduced viewers to three couples from Dallas on Married at First Sight season 7: Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson, Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd, and Amber Martorana and Dave Flaherty. After meeting at the altar, the pairs spent their subsequent weeks getting to know one another. There were various arguments, shaky trust, and communication issues. However, every couple had a unique experience as each “half” adjusted to their new spouse.


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What MAFS Season 7 Couples Are Still Together?

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While the MAFS season 7 couples showed viewers some heartwarming moments and produced one of the most successful marriages in the MAFS franchise, the 2018 season is generally considered mediocre by fans. It’s been four years since Mia, Tristan, Danielle, Bobby, Amber, and Dave appeared on the Lifetime series, but a whopping seven seasons have aired since then. A lot happened with the couples once the cameras stopped rolling.

Mia Bally & Tristan Thompson

Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson from Married at First Sight season 7

Mia and Tristan’s marriage started on a good note, but before their honeymoon on MAFS season 7, their union soured. After she met Tristan at the altar, MAFS‘s Mia was arrested for alleged stalking and credit card fraud. Things didn’t get much better, as the couple fought over several issues, including potential infidelity. Mia and Tristan surprised MAFS fans when they stayed together on Decision Day, especially since Mia filed for divorce in September 2018 while the season was still airing. As of 2022, she seems to be enjoying the single life, while Tristan has since remarried and shares a son with his wife new, Rachel.

Danielle Bergman & Bobby Dodd

Danielle and Bobby were early fan favorites on MAFS season 7 and are considered one of the show’s best matches. Danielle and Bobby were instantly attracted to one another, and unlike the other pairs featured, they rarely disagreed, let alone fought. It came as no surprise when MAFS‘s Danielle and Bobby stayed married on Decision Day, and the Dodds have remained happily together since, celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary on March 23. Danielle and Bobby are now the parents of two kids: Olivia, 3, and Bobby Dodd IV, who turns two in December.

Amber Martorana & Dave Flaherty

Dave Flaherty and Amber Moratana from Married At First Sight

Like Mia and Tristan, Amber and Dave from MAFS appeared to be well-matched when they met. Married at First Sight season 7 viewers predicted that Amber and Dave would go the distance, but Amber’s consistent self-doubt put a damper on their relationship. Although they stayed married on Decision Day, Amber and Dave’s serious communication issues led to Amber filing for divorce in December 2018. Amber from MAFS has kept her personal life relatively private since, although an Instagram post from May 7 indicates that she might be dating again. As for Dave, Amber’s ex-husband has yet to enter another relationship as of 2022.

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