What Happened To The McGee Family After Seeking Sister Wife Season 2


Paige and Bernie McGee joined the cast of Seeking Sister Wife on season 2 of the hit TLC series, and many fans are wondering what the family has been up to since their departure. The Mississippi-based couple, who share five children together, were looking for a sister wife to grow and expand their family with. However, with Paige’s jealousy issues and Bernie’s wandering eyes, the McGees would quickly become one of Seeking Sister Wife’s most controversial and disliked couples during their time on the show.


Seeking Sister Wife season 2 followed the McGees as they tried to bring potential sister wife Brandy into their family. Brandy had an instant connection with both Paige and Bernie and got along really well with them online. It was once Brandy arrived at the couple’s home that viewers began to see the cracks in the McGee’s relationship, with Paige’s jealously peaking during Brandy and Bernie’s very first solo date. Paige’s attitude towards Brandy was hard to ignore; she was snarky and rude to the potential sister wife at any chance she got. The Seeking Sister Wife star’s jealousy issues made Brandy so uncomfortable that she decided to end her relationship with the family soon after her second visit, leaving Bernie and the children devastated. It was later revealed on the season 2 reunion special that Bernie had kissed and tried to be intimate with Brandy, which greatly upset Paige. While the couple didn’t return after this season, controversies continued to follow the family.

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More Controversy for the Seeking Sister Wife Couple Paige & Bernie McGee

On March 15, 2019, Bernie and Paige McGee were taken into custody by Mississippi officers on charges for stalking. According to People, the couple allegedly stalked Paige’s brother, Patrick Marble, and his girlfriend, leaving harassing calls on his home, cell, and work phones, as well as Bernie confronting Patrick and harassing him in-person. While the McGees aren’t the first cast members of Seeking Sister Wife to be involved in scandals, many fans were shocked at their arrest and the family feud that was transpiring off-screen.

Unfortunately, bad news would continue to follow the McGees when it was announced that Bernie McGee had passed away on June 15, 2019. According to his wife Paige, the reality star was out riding his bike when he suffered from a heat stroke and heart attack, later dying at St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. The Seeking Sister Wife star was 41 years old at the time of his passing. As reported by People, Paige would blame both her brother Patrick and her mother for the death of her husband Bernie, stating in a now deleted Facebook post, “Patrick and my mother having us arrested for not doing a damn thing wrong did this! We were financially put out for having to hire lawyers, investigators and missing work for this bulls—.”

Since Bernie McGee’s death, fans of Seeking Sister Wife have looked at his time on the show more fondly, hoping to celebrate his life rather than tear him down. Since her husband’s passing, Paige has been less active on social media, opting to keep her profiles private. Fans hope that Paige has taken the time to properly grieve the loss of her husband as she continues to raise their family.

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