What Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Means By A ‘Clean’ Division Of Assets


Now that Christine Brown of Sister Wives has walked away from her marriage to Kody Brown, she is wasting no time in ensuring a clear division of their assets. Christine is trying to set up a new life for herself and her daughter, Truely Brown, in Utah. However, Kody is putting up a fight every step of the way, only making the divorce that much more difficult.

Christine, who Kody accused of parental alienation, has tried her best to keep Kody calm while also looking out for herself. The Sister Wives star was explained during one of her confessionals in last Sunday’s new episode about how she wanted to make sure there were clear legal lines when it came to their assets. The scene in question showed Christine telling Kody that he could keep all the land at Coyote Pass, but Kody was not thrilled with the idea since. The 53-year-old also wanted some of Christine’s money from the sale of her home. Christine cut Kody off, saying, “Let’s just make it clean and easy — I get the house, you can have the property.”


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Christine Brown Isn’t Caving To Kody Brown’s Demands

Kody, who has no claim to Christine’s money, shared that he just assumed the couple was going to split the money from the sale of the Arizona house to pay off the Brown family’s outstanding debt on the land. Kody mocked his ex-wife to the cameras, saying that Christine had already sold off some shared possessions. However, Christine shared with Sister Wives fans that she had the upper hand since the home was in her name. Essentially the two had a difference of opinion, with Kody sharing that usually, in plural marriage, the wives own the assets for fear of the husband being arrested. Christine shared a different take, noting if they were to split everything 50/50, Christine, who’s not speaking to Meri or Robyn Brown, could take half of everything the patriarch claims to have.

Viewers could easily see how Christine was trying to be generous in the split and not go after Kody’s assets that he also shares with the other three wives. Fans were quick to note the tone in Christine’s voice when she pointed out that if she ever chose to go after Kody, she could also go after the home he shares with Robyn. The mother of six recently shared that her attitude towards Kody’s fourth wife was a huge reason for her choosing to leave the family.

Sister Wives season 17 has shown the breakdown of Kody and Christine and how the divorce has had a ripple effect throughout the entire Brown family. Kody harbors anger and bitterness toward Christine, noting he didn’t want to see her again. If his remarks are true, he should have no problem diving their assets as quickly as possible.

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