Which Grey’s Anatomy Intern Are You, According To Your Zodiac?


A few weeks into season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy, the new class of interns has already proved itself as one of the best ones to ever appear on the medical dram. Consisting of Simone Griffith, Lucas Adams. Benson Kwan, Mika Yasuda, and Jules Millin, the team has been allocated as much screen time as the Grey Sloan veterans.

Given how well-developed the interns have been over the years, many viewers will agree that they are able to relate to certain characters more than others due to the fact that they have similar mannerisms and traits. It’s also likely that, because of this, they have figured out which zodiac sign fits them best.


Aries – Lucas Adams

Lucas Adams during a lunch break in Grey's Anatomy

Like Derek’s nephew Lucas, Aries members are courageous, competitive, and self-driven. However, some of their weaknesses include recklessness, impatience, and intolerance.

Self-belief is written all over Lucas. Although he never got good grades like the most skilled doctors in Grey’s Anatomy, fams don’t doubt that he will end up being one of the best surgeons in the years to come. His self-drive endears him to many people, including Derek, who considered him his favorite nephew. But, as dedicated as Lucas is, he isn’t an easy person to reason with, which is likely why he believes he has a lot to prove if he wants to live up to the family’s legacy.

Taurus – Levi Schmidt

Levi standing at the lockers in Grey's Anatomy

People that align with the Taurus constellation are practical and resourceful like Levi. Contrariwise, they are naïve, obsessive, and stubborn.

Each doctor is aware of how dependable Levi is and that’s why he has gotten to work under Meredith, Bailey, and Jo. Outside work, however, the intern never appears to have a clue about how things work. He, therefore, makes uninformed decisions, such as showing up to Meredith, Maggie, and Amelia’s game night unannounced.

Gemini – Sadie Harris

Sadie Harris looking upset on Grey's Anatomy

Geminis charm their way through friendships, careers, and relationships. They are known to be adaptable too. But, as is the case with Sadie, they can be inconsistent, uninspired, restless, and double-faced.

Sadie’s personality is very much different from Meredith’s, but she still managed to make the star doctor her best friend at one point in their lives. It’s through charm that she also survives as a doctor (despite being unqualified). Unfortunately, mistakes, such as mislabeling a blood sample and failure to spot a basilar skull fracture, sum up her inconsistency. The latter even results in one of the most tragic patient deaths in Grey’s Anatomy.

Cancer – Heather “Mousey” Brooks

Heather Brooks standing in Grey's Anatomy

Cancer is the “Maternal Zodiac” because of how compassionate and caring its members are. Sadly, Cancers can also be possessive and overly sentimental. In the medical drama, these traits fit Mousey.

Fans don’t need to look too hard to see how caring Mousey is. It’s something she demonstrates by treating the impoverished and uninsured under the ER table. But as good as she is, she is known for telling weird stories or facts, hence why most of her colleagues think of her as an awkward person in general.

Leo – Shane Ross

Shane Ross offers his services to Derek in the OR during his intern year in Grey's Anatomy

It’s easy to bet on a Leo being confident and optimistic like Shane. As for their negative attributes, there are egoistical, self-centered, and can come across a little aggressive.

Shane expresses optimism about morphing into a star surgeon under Derek’s tutelage, and even though Mousey takes his place, he never loses hope. He goes out of his way to please other doctors too, but his enthusiasm swells too much at times, resulting in him trying to outshine his superiors.

Virgo – Norman Shales


Many hard workers fall under the Virgo constellation due to the fact that they have great analytical too. However, beneath the coolness is their lack of interest in enjoying themselves. On the show, Norman, the oldest intern, is the quintessential Virgo.

Before becoming an intern, Norman is said to have been a pharmacist for 30 years. His consistency and dedication are truly admirable. Still, he strives to become a surgeon with the knowledge that it’s a lengthy process proves. Such a decision shows he has no plan ever to retire.

Libra – Dahlia Qadri

Dahlia gets fired for refusing to work without Meredith

Libras are social, gracious, and diplomatic in the same manner Dahlia is. Because of their friendly nature, they make good team players too. On their worse days, they happen to be intolerant and self-indulgent.

Dahlia has always stood out as one of the doctors with the best bedside manner. Unlike her colleagues, she manages to stay out of several big, Grey’s Anatomy feuds. Regrettably, her time as a fan-favorite character ends when she blatantly states that she only came to the hospital to learn from Meredith. It’s quite the inconsiderate remark that leads to her dismissal.

Scorpio – Leah Murphy

Leah Murphy on Grey's Anatomy

Scorpios are bold, passionate, determined, and intuitive – traits that wrap up perfectly around Leah. There are also times when they are malicious, vengeful, and ruthless.

Leah might not be the most skilled doctor, but she is very passionate about her work. Even after getting fired from Grey Sloan Memorial, she still works hard to improve herself at another hospital and then comes back. Her more malicious side usually revealed itself when she would get into a competition with her other colleagues and didn’t really pay attention to the patient’s health.

Sagittarius – Sam Bello

Sam Bello as she appears in Grey's Anatomy

Sagittarians are loyal, adventurous, chatty, and honest. Weaknesses are present too, and they include carelessness, overconfidence, and unruliness. These attributes fit the surgical intern, Sam Bello.

Despite the challenge she and Andrew face, she remains loyal to him. But, as adorable as she is, her glaring traits become evident on the regular. For example, her carelessness causes her to get caught while having sex in the skills’ lab. Additionally, she once decides to defibrillate a patient, not knowing that they were simply taking a nap.

Capricorn – Mika

MIka listens to a speech in Grey's Anatomy

Ordinarily, Capricorns have great organizational, planning, and leadership skills. At the same time, they are condescending and inconsiderate.

Coming from a family of 8 siblings, Mika hasn’t always had it easy. In spite of that, she makes the best out of her situation. Apart from taking care of her siblings, she makes sure the van she resides in is comfortable, installing a camper stove and a Wi-Fi hotspot. But in her effort to get the best out of life, she sometimes pushes too hard, hence coming off as controlling to some.

Aquarius – Casey Parker

A close-up as Alex Blue Davis as Dr. Casey Parker in Grey's Anatomy

Aquarius is known as “The Smart Zodiac” because it’s full of intelligent and progressive individuals like Casey. But Aquarians are not perfect humans. They can be pessimistic and stubborn too.

Casey’s intelligence is seen right from his intern interview, which reveals he did several tours of duty as a Cybersecurity expert for the military. Thanks to his computer skills, he also manages to save many lives during the hospital hacking debacle. His impressive skills aside, he has an unhealthy habit of reminding people about the worst-case scenarios rather than encouraging them.

Pisces – Steve Mostow


Traditionally known as “The Artistic Zodiac,” Pisces has members who are not only creative but have unique tastes. They are good-hearted too. However, they are also reputed for being too sensitive, inattentive, and indecisive. Of all the interns, Steve is the one who matches the Pisces description.

Steve has the most non-medical skills out of all the learners as he is an expert at board games, guitar, and golf. His artistic nature is also evident from his history, as he is said to have enjoyed creating Halloween costumes for others as a child. Away from his likes and dislikes, Steve is said to be very unforgiving, and that’s why he quickly leaves Megan after finding out she did a DNA test without his knowledge.

Grey’s Anatomy 1-18 is available to stream on Netflix, with season 19 returning in 2023.

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