Why Isn’t Yellowstone Available to Watch on Amazon Prime Video?


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With the first episode of Yellowstone season 5 premiering on Sunday, November 13 at 8 pm ET, the hype is going to a fever pitch.

With the season 5 trailer smashing viewer records, there’s no doubt this will be Yellowstone’s biggest yet.

There has been plenty of confusion online on where to watch season 5, and many have opted to pre-order it on Amazon Prime Video.

Although buyers will own and be able to watch episodes on demand when they like, they won’t be able to watch new episodes live, but only after it’s aired on the Paramount Network channel.

John Dutton and Rip Wheeler leaning on a fence in the Yellowstone TV series

However, some who have ordered Yellowstone season 5 on Amazon Prime Video are reporting that the new episodes aren’t available straight away after it’s aired live on the Paramount Network Channel.

Why Isn’t Yellowstone Season 5 Available to Watch Yet on Amazon Prime Video?

Yellowstone season 5 won’t be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video until Monday, November 14 at 10 pm ET.

We out found this information by speaking to Amazon.com customer support.

If you are wanting to watch the premiere right now, learn how you can watch it for free.

When Does the Next Episode of Yellowstone Season 5 Come Out?

Season 5 has 14 episodes that are split into two parts. The first 7 episodes will air weekly, beginning Sunday, November 13 at 8 pm ET, with the other 7 being released at a later unconfirmed date.

Where Can I watch Previous Seasons of Yellowstone?

The best place to watch Yellowstone seasons 1 – 4 is Peacock. Peacock offer a 7-day free trial. You can also purchase previous Yellowstone seasons on Amazon Prime Video.

In the UK and Canada, you can access seasons 1 – 4 (and 5) with Paramount+. A 7-day free trial is also available.

Although Yellowstone season 5 is not available to watch on Peacock, it will be at some unconfirmed date in the future are all episodes have aired live on the Paramount Network channel.


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