Why Love Is Blind’s Cole & Zanab Can Still Work Things Out After The Show


Things didn’t end well between Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey after Love Is Blind season three, but hope remains that they can work something out after the show, and become a couple again. Cole and Zanab’s relationship did not exactly get off on the right foot. They looked uncertain in many ways, with some fans even criticizing Cole for his perceived lack of emotional intelligence. Despite connecting inside the pods, things got weird between the pair after Cole admitted that he found Colleen Reed more attractive than Zanab. He rated Colleen a perfect “10,” while Zanab got a “9/10” from him. He didn’t stop there, as he went on to let Colleen know about his feelings. However, she brushed him off, establishing her loyalty to Matt Bolton.


Cole’s actions left Zanab feeling insecure, and she confronted him about it. After their argument, he shocked fans by asking Matt if they could switch partners, an offer the latter man turned down. After these early skirmishes, Cole and Zanab worked through their relationship problems, and seemed to be on loving terms. However, that was hardly the case, as she did not say “I do” at the altar. Zanab told Cole that he disrespected, insulted, and critiqued her. She also said that he shattered her self-confidence. That’s why she couldn’t marry him, despite loving him. Cole was left stunned by Zanab’s actions, while his family and friends watched the drama unfold. He said it was one of the worst experiences of his life.

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Will Love Is Blind’s Cole & Zanab Try Again?

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Zanab turning down Cole at the altar, and the events that happened afterward (including her revelations at the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion) are enough evidence that it is all but over for the couple. However, the former duo’s diehard fans believe that there is still hope for them. They think they’ll rekindle their romance later, and they may be on the right track. After all, Cole sincerely regrets his actions toward Zanab in the house. In a chat with Us Weekly, the 27-year-old admitted that he had trouble remembering everything that he did during the show. However, he added that those actions were out of character for him. He realized that it was ridiculous to watch himself rating women.

Did Love Is Blind’s Cole Wait Too Long To Apologize

Although Cole’s words came a little too late, due to all that has transpired since, they could go a long way towards mending his post-show relationship with Zanab. During an interview, Zanab said that she walked away from Cole at the altar, and never expected an apology from him. She explained that a certain level of emotional maturity was required to make a sincere apology. She doesn’t believe that Cole has reached that level yet. Zanab further explained that she forgave him the moment that she walked away from him at the altar. Going by those words, it’s possible that Cole could still win Zanab over, if he can work on himself and his attitude, and show that he is truly sorry for hurting her feelings.

Cole has already admitted to regretting how he treated her. He noted that his attitude with Zanab was wrong, and something that he wished he could unsee. He also wished that he could take back some of his actions on Love Is Blind. However, he explained that he has no regrets about meeting Zanab, and being in a relationship with her. As well, he built other connections during his time on the Netflix show. The reality television star added that he learned so much from filming the series, and would not trade those experiences.

In addition to Cole apologizing to Zanab, and probably working toward becoming a better person, another aspect that could increase the pair’s chances of becoming a couple after the show is the absence of cameras. During their time on Love Is Blind, Zanab and Cole were mostly surrounded by cameras, which could have been intimidating or pressurizing to both of them. It may have influenced some of their actions. If they can work toward building a relationship outside the show, they could become better friends, and eventually rekindle their feelings. There is a slim chance that Cole and Zanab may reconnect outside the show, but that will only be possible if they really want it to happen. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment.

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