Why MAFS Fans Think Justin Is ‘Delusional’ For Thinking Nate Hit On Him


Married at First Sight fans aren’t happy with Justin Hall, after he displayed his troubled masculinity and homophobia during part one of the reunion. Justin accused Nate Barnes of making a pass at him early on in the installment. The claims left the cast and reunion host Kevin Frazier visibly confused, even after Justin explained his reasoning. Justin interpreted Nate’s compliments about his skin as an indicator that Nate was interested in men. Kevin nipped Justin’s problematic assumptions in the bud, explaining that Nate’s flattering comments did not prove that he was remotely interested in anything romantic with Justin.


The confrontation started when Nate, who is married to Stacia Karcher, questioned why Justin randomly unfollowed everyone on the show. After he unfollowed all of his cast mates, he followed them again, but later unfollowed them a second time. All the other couples on the series chimed in to discuss how odd Justin’s behavior was. Nate accused Justin of being, “in his feelings,” which aggravated Justin. The two got into a full-blown argument in front of everyone, which caused Kevin to pause the interview, and Justin exited the stage. Nate was offended by Justin’s exaggerated claims, and continued to rally against Justin. The two kept exchanging jabs throughout part one of the reunion, until the couples had to do their two-on-one interviews with Kevin. MAFS fans weighed in on Twitter, expressing their shock and amusement over Justin’s odd accusation.

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MAFS Fans Reacted To Justin’s Outburst

Alexis-Justin-MAFS-s15 posing on balcony

Justin’s reaction was the main topic of conversation among MAFS fans, who were already skeptical of Justin’s overall character. Twitter user Melody called out Justin’s blatantly homophobic comments, writing, “Kevin said it best. A man complimenting another man doesn’t mean he’s gay. Take notes Justin. Toxic masculinity and homophobia isn’t acceptable and there’s no excuses for this in 2022.” Many viewers responded to the thread, calling Justin’s statement a reach. Others interpreted Justin’s defensiveness and accusatory tone towards Nate as a projection of his own feelings. Twitter user Lucky LaRue tweeted that Justin’s reaction was proof of his own insecurities, stating, “Compliments don’t necessarily mean someone is hitting on him. But let’s say they were hitting on him – is he that insecure in his masculinity/sexuality that this is so reprehensible/threatening??”

Fans Call Out Justin’s Delusions

Alexis on MAFS eating with castmate

Twitter user Ladi Whistleheaux posted, “I knew Justin was delusional from jump, when he said the girls chased him for his looks.” Others expressed confusion over Justin’s past and present comments about his attractiveness on the show. Previously, after his wife Alexis Williams brought up her dissatisfaction with their level of bedroom intimacy, Justin had fans on Twitter coming to his defense. Alexis rubbed viewers the wrong way after she meddled in the other couples’ relationships, which led to one couple’s divorce. After this episode, MAFS fans were less inclined to defend Justin’s attitude, and somewhat vindicated Alexis for abruptly ending their marriage.

The Married at First Sight reunion drama isn’t over quite yet. This week, the show will continue to follow up on the season 15 couples, as Kevin Frazier dives deeper into their marriages. MAFS can anticipate more revelations from this season’s cast, and more fallout from Justin’s explosive accusation.

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