Why Mark Ballas Deserves Credit For Charli’s DWTS Win


Dancing with the Stars fans saw Charli D’Amelio’s win coming. They want Mark Ballas to get credit for the win, due to his stellar choreography.

It was not a surprise that Charli D’Amelio won Dancing with the Stars season 31, but fans think that her partner Mark Ballas deserves a lot of the credit for the win. He’s been a competitive dancer for a decade, so viewers (as well as the season’s judges) had high expectations for Charli. Luckily, she was able to exceed them with Mark as her partner. Although he’d only won the coveted Mirrorball Trophy twice before, he is known for his show-stopping choreography, and Charli’s abilities helped him to shine as well.


From week 1, when the pair started off the season with the Cha Cha, they never scored below an eight out of ten from the judges. Reddit user u/Buddhabellymama made sure to praise Mark for his work, saying, “Mark Ballas deserves SO MUCH CREDIT for knowing how to make her shine.” Many DWTS fans think it is unfair to have professional dancers compete with other celebrities that don’t have dance experience, but there is no doubt that such cast members are amazing performers.

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Mark’s Choreography Slayed The Competition

Charli D'Amelio & Mark Ballas on DWTS dancing

The duo dazzled each week, getting “tens” across the board for their last five performances on the show. The judges critiqued Charli more harshly, to help level the playing field on the season. This left Mark with the difficult task of topping his choreography each week. His inventive choreography for their jazz number (they dressed as The Simpsons), and their contemporary number on week 5, blew fans away, solidifying them as the front-runners of the DWTS season.

Many fans felt that Charli was always the obvious winner of the season, due to her dance background, but Mark’s choreography showed off her flexibility, timing, and athleticism, and this sealed the deal. DWTS fans are reminded of Zendaya’s time on the show in season 16, when she nearly snatched the trophy, and showcased several iconic numbers. Meryl Davis was a professional ice dancer, and Jordan Fischer had performed dance numbers on Broadway; both went on to win their respective DWTS seasons. While the dancers have an obvious advantage on the competition show, they need to be paired with talented pro dancers who play to their strengths.

Mark has appeared on twenty Dancing with the Stars seasons. He is a seven-time finalist, and is now a three-time winner. His lowest placement in a season was his infamous partnership with Kim Kardashian, but fans don’t blame him for that disastrous run. He created incredible choreography with Lindsey Stirling, which even featured her dancing while playing the violin. After winning with Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson and Olympic figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, his legendary partnership with Charli has put him on top again. Fans are excited to see more of his advanced choreography on the next season of the show.

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