Why Married At First Sight’s Mark The Shark Is Perfect For Krysten


Krysten Collins left Married At First Sight season 14 with no regrets, but she realized Mitch Silverstein wasn’t the man for her, but Mark “The Shark” Maher might be. MAFS experts initially matched Mark with Lindsey Georgoulis. Lindsey supported Mark through tough moments in his life, like cleansing his apartment of bed bugs and losing his cat. The couple also laughed a lot and were super playful with one another. However, at their worst, Lindsey could be overly demanding and critical of Mark. In turn, Mark would check out. Recently, Lindsey put Mark’s texts on blast, but no new romance sparked from them.


Now that Krysten and Mitch’s messy marriage is over, she may be open to getting to know Mark. Krysten and Mark were paired with big personalities who struggled to step outside their perspectives. MAFS fans agreed. Chris tweeted, “I feel like Krysten may be the “Mark the Shark” of this season; willing and ready to try- but matched with a gremlin.” Mark and Krysten also arrived at MAFS ready for a serious relationship, kids, and the whole shebang. Mark is goofy, loving, and flexible, much like Krysten. To Mitch’s credit, he did have emotional intelligence and some self-awareness, but Mark outshines him in his ability to compromise. Krysten and Mark both want love and are ready for a partnership they can depend on. Mitch wanted a happy ending with Krysten, but now it seems the tides have turned.

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​​​​​Married At First Sight’s Lindsey Relates To Mitch

Side by side of Lindsey and Mitch from Married at First Sight

Adding more proof to the pudding, Lindsey ironically posted a story on her Instagram saying Mitch was her favorite person on Married at First Sight season 15. She thought Mitch was “authentic to himself, had integrity, vulnerability, values, he was very passionate about what he wanted in life, and he handled himself very well.” All points seem valid except the final one. His one major fault was his inability to let go of the “how attracted” he was to Krysten. Lindsey blamed Krysten a little for changing herself so much but acknowledged she was the most ready for marriage and would probably be with her forever person sooner than later. Mitch and Krysten’s relationship was messy on MAFS season 15, which many called unwatchable. While Lindsey was not trying to swap and date Mitch, she said, “I am team Mitch. Come for me,” and that she’d pick up trash with him. If Lindsey identifies with Mitch, there’s a good chance Mark could identify with Krysten.

The biggest obstacle to a Mark and Krysten romance is the continent between them. Mark’s dedication to his mom could hold him back, and bringing Krysten’s beloved pug, Luna, and Mark’s remaining cats together could also present challenges. Then again, Luna’s a chill dog when she’s not snoring up a storm, and Mark’s mom might be open to some sunshine in her twilight years. Mark’s current professional life at Chik Fil A could also easily allow him to transfer to San Diego.

The MAFS reunion saw Krysten calling it quits with Mitch for good. She’d hoped to leave a window open, but Mitch wasn’t ready to step up to the plate of even a window ledge of romantic possibilities. Now that the season is over, the bicoastal cast members will probably get a chance to meet at Married at First Sight publicity events. Time will tell if some romance blossoms for Mark and Krysten. Maybe they could even pick up some trash with Mitch and Lindsey.

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