Why Seeking Sister Wife’s Ashley & Dimitri Snowden Are Back Together


Fans of Seeking Sister Wife were surprised when Ashley Snowden announced that she was back together with her husband, Dimitri Snowden, after a tumultuous 2021 that saw many of the couple’s dark secrets come to light. Viewers were first introduced to Ashley and Dimitri during the inaugural season of Seeking Sister Wife in 2018 and quickly fell in love with the couple throughout their time on the show. However, by the time Seeking Sister Wife season 3 ended, Dimitri and Ashley saw themselves embroiled in one of the biggest scandals in the shows history after their sister wife, Christeline Peterson, came forward with abuse allegations against the Snowden couple. It was shortly after the revelation that Ashley announced that she had left Dimitri in a now-deleted July 2021 Instagram post.


However, it would appear that after a year of separation, Dimitri and Ashley have decided to give their relationship another try. As reported by InTouch Weekly, Ashley confirmed in a lengthy statement that she and her spouse had reunited after some much-needed time apart. “So I’m actually not single anymore,” Ashley said in her statement. “I have briefly mentioned in the past about reconciliation with Dimitri and that has also been something that has been a blessing and it’s specifically tied to my faith walk with Christ.” While the couple, who have been in a spiritual union for over 10 years and share three children, stated that religion had nothing to do with their decision to embrace plural marriage on Seeking Sister Wife, they are now leaning on their faith to bring them back together.

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Seeking Sister Wife’s Ashley Snowden is Standing By Dimitri

It was shortly after their Seeking Sister Wife season 3 wedding to Christeline when the former sister wife accused Dimitri of domestic abuse and Ashley of verbal abuse. Christeline alleged that Dimitri had slammed her head into the bed and headboard and even choked her during intercourse. While Christeline noted she begged him to stop, Dimitri refused, which led to her filing a restraining order against the reality star. Christeline was not the only woman to call out Dimitri and Ashley, as Ariadne Joseph, the Snowden’s first sister wife, revealed many of the red flags in the Snowden’s relationship she saw after moving in with the family. Some of those red flags included the wives walking around the house naked and not being allowed to leave the family home unless Dimitri accompanied her. Despite the many allegations surrounding her husband, Ashley is continuing to stand by her man, stating, “He’s a good human being, no matter what you may have heard or read or what you think you see or saw. I know who I chose and why I chose him and this part of my journey has taught me to tap back into that.”

While many Seeking Sister Wife fans were shocked to discover that Ashley had forgiven and taken back the Seeking Sister Wife star after his numerous scandals, Ashley believes that this is the right step for her and her family, detailing the amount of work it took for her to forgive Dimitri. “It’s taken us time, therapy, interaction, it’s taken tears, it’s taken acknowledgment, it’s taken apologizing and going back over some of the stuff that you just don’t want to go over,” Ashley stated. She continued, “I just feel like at this point in my life, I can’t carry anger and resentment and hurt and pain any longer. There’s no room for that.”

While it is unlikely that the Snowdens will ever return to Seeking Sister Wife, Ashley and Dimitri will continue to keep fans of the show talking about their complicated relationship. However, regardless of the backlash they may receive from Seeking Sister Wife fans, it appears that Ashley and Dimitri are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their family together.

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