Why Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Is Rejecting Kody


Followers of Sister Wives learned that Kody Brown feels utterly rejected by his second wife, Janelle, after multiple marital struggles.

After watching the current season of Sister Wives, it isn’t hard to understand why Janelle Brown may be starting to reject Kody’s love. The couple has been married for three decades and, for the most part, seemed to have a good understanding of one another. However, Kody’s strict COVID-19 rules have put a strain on their marriage.

Kody has not been holding back when it comes to his feelings of inner turmoil. Lately, he has been feeling dejected about where he stands with Janelle. The mother of six has been rejecting Kody as of late, especially after his extreme outbursts. While Kody has claimed he wants his sister wives to have a close relationship, he is also not happy when one of his spouses takes the side of another. During a raw confessional, Kody revealed that he has been “begging” for a closer relationship with Janelle, but she wants no part in it.


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Janelle Brown Has Moved On From Kody

Janelle Brown gets emotional in Sister Wives

Sister Wives viewers quickly learned that since Christine Brown left the large polygamous family back in November of 2021, Janelle has been more focused on having a good relationship with her. Additionally, Janelle has started to stand her ground against Kody. She told cameras in a recent episode that the marriage has been forever altered.

TLC fans can understand why Janelle would be rejecting Kody. The father of 18 has already stated that he wants to run his home like a patriarchy, which the wives did not agree to, and they have all listened to his outbursts. While Kody may be dealing with feelings of rejection, he has also noted that he and Janelle are not being totally honest with one another. Kody has harbored severe anger towards Janelle from the time she bought a five-wheeler, noting he was left out of the decision-making process.

Rumors have been going around Sister Wives forums that Janelle has already left her toxic marriage to Kody. A source close to the family noted that during the worldwide pandemic and lockdown, she decided she had enough and followed in Christine’s footsteps. Gwen Brown also shared via TikTok that Robyn and Meri were the only wives left living in Arizona, adding fuel to the fire. For now, Janelle is keeping her distance as she has continuously been put in the middle of the family feud. If Kody is still feeling ignored, he can just run into the arms of Robyn for comfort.

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Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.


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