Why Sister Wives’ Robyn Admitted To ‘Struggling’ In Her Marriage To Kody


In a recent Sister Wives episode, Kody Brown’s favorite wife, Robyn Brown, has admitted to struggling with her marriage to the father of 18.

Sister Wives fans were extremely surprised to hear Robyn Brown admit that she was struggling with her marriage to Kody Brown. The patriarch has turned angry and bitter after his third wife, Christine Brown, chose to leave him and move to Utah. Robyn has now been left to pick up the pieces while her polygamous family crumbles around her.

During the newest episode, Sister Wives princess” Robyn finally showed a more human side to her as she admitted that the end of Christine and Kody’s relationship has put immense strain on her own union. TLC viewers listened as Robyn opened up about her 12-year marriage and shared some very intimate details. Robyn revealed there is a “heavy weight” between her and Kody, and it is causing them to bicker amongst themselves. Robyn vulnerably stated she felt like the family was being messed around.


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Robyn Brown Is Questioning Her Marriage To Kody

The 44-year-old mother of five shared with fans that it was wild to have to watch such a big “bomb” being dropped on the family when Christine decided to leave Kody. According to Robyn, Kody is now questioning her motives left and right, which has caused an immense strain on her. It is clear to Robyn that Kody is struggling to trust anyone around him and is starting to turn inwards in order to protect himself. Robyn was steadfast in her belief that while it is sad Kody has lost a wife, he still has three others to “maintain.”

As for Kody, he has resisted the separation from Christine every step of the way. Most recently, Kody lied to Christine about child custody laws regarding their daughter, Truely. In reality, the Brown patriarch may not have any actual rights since he isn’t even on the birth certificate. Sister Wives fans were not impressed that he thought it was okay to lie to Christine and try to scare her into submission. Kody has made it clear he feels like he will be given the short end of the stick in the divorce. He has already tried to claim the proceeds from Christine’s house, but she shut his request down.

The latest season of Sister Wives has been enthralling as cameras caught the final months of Christine and Kody’s marriage. The couple taped their conversations as they tried to figure out how to tell the family and their shared children. Christine seemed very calm, while Kody was emotional during almost every meeting. Robyn has stood by Kody’s side as he tried to navigate the roads to divorce.

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Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.


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