Why Some Sister Wives Fans Don’t Approve Of Kody Brown Selling Guns


Sister Wives star Kody Brown once again has fans talking after he was recently spotted at an Oklahoma gun show. Sightings of him selling gun accessories led to speculation as to how long Kody has been selling these products for, and if he has his own company to sell accessories to the public. The Browns have never been very open about Kody’s work, and fans have been quick to share their thoughts upon this revelation.

As the patriarch of the Brown family, Kody has received a lot of backlash online from fans regarding his recent behavior. His long list of strict COVID-19 rules left viewers bewildered, particularly as they didn’t seem to benefit the family. Kody has also come under fire for his recent divorce from Christine Brown. The Sister Wives star lied about child custody laws in Arizona in an attempt to force Christine into a custody agreement he wanted. Fans have not been shy about criticizing Kody’s behavior, and this recent news of the gun show has sparked conversation among fans about why Kody never mentioned his job, as gun control and gun safety are controversial topics within the U.S. It has also provoked a larger conversation about how this supposed business may have influenced the family’s move away from Las Vegas.


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Sister Wives Fans Disapprove of Kody’s Job

Kody Brown From Sister Wives

According to Distractify, fans recently discovered Kody’s presence at an Oklahoma gun show. Fans were quick to post and discuss the sighting on social media platforms, as Kody Brown has been vague in the past about what he does for a living. Instead, Sister Wives highlighted the businesses of the wives, like Janelle Brown’s new retail business, or Meri Brown’s bed and breakfast. In a Reddit thread started by SillyWhabbit, fans discussed Kody’s business. One Redditor said, “I think this is kinda like a gun ‘MLM’. He is an authorized dealer for the companies that mass produce these modifications.” The same Redditor then connected how this line of work explained why Robyn claimed Kody was so busy, despite the production crew never filming anything to show what he was doing.

Kody’s Interest In Guns Doesn’t Surprise Sister Wives Fans

Kody Brown Sister Wives

Seeing Kody with guns reminded other Sister Wives fans that his interest in guns is not new, and he has been documented with them in the past, if not actively selling them. Reddit user KlutzyBandicoot1776 mentioned Kody having a “crazy gun” in an earlier season, and that he was interested in seeing another person’s gun collection. Therefore, it has not come as a shock to most fans that Kody deals in gun parts. However, it has called into question the reasoning behind the Brown family’s move away from Las Vegas because they no longer felt safe, but a fan now speculates that Kody was afraid new gun control laws could impact his business.

Sister Wives Fans Question Kody’s JobKody Brown in Sister Wives

Sister Wives fans have such mixed reactions to Kody’s job because selling guns at gun shows is often done without background checks, according to WickedHappyHeather on Reddit. This caused some disapproval among fans, given the rise in shootings in the U.S., and the attention on gun violence in the news. Participating in shows which allow individuals to purchase guns or gun parts without the usual precautions in place does not bode well for fans. Many found it hypocritical that Kody and the Browns have claimed to move to avoid violence, while engaging in a process many can see leading to more violence.

Whether it’s Kody telling his wives to conform to the patriarchy or not going to his son’s wedding, the Sister Wives star has shocked and disappointed fans time and time again. This new leak does not come as a total surprise, but is still disapproved of by fans. Many hope to see it acknowledged by the Browns in the future, but aren’t holding their breath.

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