Why We Like DAYS’ Rafe Hernandez When He’s Finally Angry


Rafe Hernadez is not the fly-off-the-handle type on Days of our Lives. Maybe he’s afraid of getting angry because he fears we won’t like him when he’s angry. But, we’ve got to say, it’s the opposite.

Plenty of Days of our Lives Reasons

Rafe (Galen Gering) has lots of reasons for being angry. His dad was a deadbeat. His sister, Gabi Hernadez (Camila Banus), is constantly getting into trouble and expecting Rafe to stick by her, no matter what. (Also, she periodically needs to be bailed out of police trouble.) But it’s the women in Rafe’s life who have really mistreated him over the years.

DOOL: Daddy Do Right

Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) used Rafe to pretend to be her child’s father when she didn’t want EJ DiMera to know the baby was actually his. Rafe was there for Sami when the baby died. But, as soon as it turned out that “Grace” wasn’t really Sami and Rafe’s child, that she’d been switched with Sydney, Sami claimed her daughter…and her daughter’s biological father. Bye-bye, Rafe!

Rafe Hernandez — Second Choice

Hope Williams Brady (Kristian Alfonso) loved Rafe well enough. Not as much as she’d loved Bo Brady (Peter Reckell). But, you know, she was fond of him. What she wasn’t fond of was having more kids, which Rafe did want. And when he got attached to little baby David, that was bye-bye for Hope. And, to add insult to injury, Rafe lost David, too.

DAYS: Latest Turn

Now Nicole is telling Rafe she wants to be with Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan). And Rafe is really tired of taking all this dumping with a stoic smile. Rafe unloaded on Nicole, and we loved it! Not only did Nicole deserve every insult and accusation Rafe heaped her way, but it was nice to see him express himself. This outburst was a long time coming, and made it clear that Rafe won’t be walked all over…eventually.

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