Will Sister Wives’ Robyn Accept Kody If He Takes A New Wife


Sister Wives star Robyn Brown relishes being Kody Brown’s favorite wife, and fans wonder how she’ll react if he decides to bring in a new spouse. Kody started his polygamous family by legally marrying Meri Brown in 1990. Next, he spiritually married Janelle Brown and Christine Brown. In 2010, the family decided to put their plural marriage out there, by starting their own reality show. When Robyn came into the picture (she later became his fourth wife), Kody really fell for her. He divorced his first wife Meri, so he could tie the knot with Robyn, and adopt her children.


Robyn is always particularly special to Kody, and he even seems to favor her kids, compared to his children with his other spouses. Kody’s attitude towards Robyn continually baffles fans. Recently, Christine left Kody, and relocated to Utah. Fans were in support of Christine’s decision, as she managed to escape what is commonly perceived as a sham plural marriage. However, viewers wonder if Kody intends to take a new wife, since Christine is not in the picture anymore. Fans aren’t sure how Robyn will react to Kody bringing a new woman into their polygamous family. “Would anyone like for Kody to get a new wife just to see how Robyn reacts,” u/LunaRose26, one Redditor wrote.

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Why Hasn’t Kody Brown Brought In A New Wife?

Kody’s spiritual marriages often seem more romantic than platonic. In Robyn, Kody found his true love, or so fans believe. She defended him many times, and was always supportive of him. In 2018, there were rumors that Kody was attracted to a beautiful woman with two children. However, he controlled his emotions, and stopped meeting his new love interest, reportedly due to fears that he might upset Robyn.

Viewers think that Robyn controls Kody, and believe that she doesn’t want him to have a new wife, because she is afraid of losing her power over him, and her status as the favorite wife. There were many rumors about Kody courting a new wife, but this type of gossip has died down recently. Fans wish that Kody would take a new wife, so Robyn can feel the pain that other sister wives have been living with for years. However, some viewers would actually rather see Kody on his own, so he can experience the loneliness that his wives (particularly Meri and his ex, Christine) have felt for a long time.

In the opinions of people who follow the show, the chances of Kody taking another spouse are slim. Until Kody marries a new woman, Robyn is enjoying her time on Sister Wives, as the center of Kody’s world. Robyn’s reign probably won’t end for years, if it ever does.

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