Young Sheldon Shows Why Mary Really Coddled Sheldon On TBBT


Warning! Spoilers ahead for Young Sheldon season 6, episode 6.

Young Sheldon just explained why Mary really coddled Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory. Despite having three kids, the Cooper matriarch clearly favors the socially-inept genius. This was clear during her visits to Pasadena on The Big Bang Theory, and backed up by the events of the prequel spin-off. Mary never really admitted to her bias, although there has always been an assumption that it has something to do with Sheldon being more academically gifted than his siblings. As it turns out, however, there’s a deeper reason why Mary catered to Sheldon’s every whim.


After years of dealing with a rocky marriage, Young Sheldon season 6 sees Mary and George’s marriage finally improving. This positive change stems from the Cooper matriarch’s separation from the church, allowing her to embrace her true self, which is more fun and relaxed. During one of their romantic moments, Mary suggested that they have another baby, but she was understandably turned down by George. As seen on The Big Bang Theory, Mary never fulfilled this particular desire, so it seems she ended up channeling all that energy towards Sheldon, since he was the neediest among all their kids anyway. This looks to have put further strain on her relationship with Georgie and Missy, who saw how she always coddled their brother.

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Why Mary Really Wanted A Baby

Mary’s desire to have another baby was unexpected. That being said, it may not have come totally out of the blue for the Cooper matriarch, considering what’s going on around her. Going through baby fever could have been caused by seeing Mandy not just carrying her first grandchild, but also going through something similar that she did when she got accidentally pregnant with Georgie. Couple this with her brewing insecurity about her age after seeing Pastor Rob hang out with a much younger woman, and it makes sense why Mary is fighting the thought of growing old. It’s curious if Young Sheldon is planning to explore more of this concept, but it’s an interesting personal arc for Mary moving forward.

What Mary’s Relationships With Older Georgie & Missy Are

Most Coopers appeared on The Big Bang Theory separately. The only time Mary, Missy, and Georgie visited Pasadena at the same time was for Sheldon and Amy’s wedding. Despite that, The Big Bang Theory did a good job establishing Mary’s relationship with adult Missy and Georgie. Based on the limited time that they were together, it’s clear that the mother and daughter had a tumultuous dynamic stemming from Mary’s unhelpful advice regarding Missy’s relationship. Meanwhile, Georgie may also be harboring a grudge against his mom for under-appreciating him despite everything he did for them.

For now, fun Mary will stay on Young Sheldon. While The Big Bang Theory already confirmed her inevitable end which may be linked to the impending death of George on the prequel, CBS has a chance to focus on a new side of the character which is refreshing to see. This new iteration of Mary also opens up unique storytelling possibilities for the family sitcom, especially with regard to developing her dynamic with Sheldon and the rest of the Coopers.

Young Sheldon season 6 airs Thursdays on CBS.

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