Young Sheldon Star Meets Future Big Bang Theory Wife In Adorable Photo


Young Sheldon star Iain Armitage meets Mayim Bialik, who plays his future wife on The Big Bang Theory, Amy, in an adorable new photo.

Young Sheldon star Iain Armitage meets Mayim Bialik who played Sheldon’s wife, Amy, on The Big Bang Theory. Two years before the hit nerd-centric sitcom ended, CBS greenlit its spinoff, which tackles Sheldon’s childhood in Texas. Despite its prequel nature, Young Sheldon is still able to make direct references to what happens in The Big Bang Theory thanks to old Sheldon’s narration. A couple of times, the voiceover has talked about his post-Nobel Prize life with Amy – despite this, it’s impossible for Bialik to physically appear on Young Sheldon and share the screen with Armitage.


While they could never be in one scene together, Armitage and Bialik recently bumped into each other while attending the same event. The Young Sheldon star decides to document the moment through his social media account and references their The Big Bang Theory connection in the caption. Some fans in the comment section are initially confused by what Armitage wrote, but most of them eventually realize that he is talking about – his role as the younger version of Parsons’ Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, who married Bialik’s Amy. Check out the adorable selfie below:

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Will Mayim Bialik’s Amy Return To Young Sheldon?

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon and Amy

So far, Bialik has made a voice cameo on Young Sheldon as Amy twice now. The first time was on Young Sheldon season 4 premiere, in which it was revealed that she and Sheldon will have a son named Leonard Cooper in the future. Her most recent one happened in season 5, when she more properly joined her husband as they discuss some of the biggest hurdles that married couples face. Beyond that, it’s unclear if there are any more upcoming voice cameos from Amy, especially since the family comedy is shifting its focus to the Coopers’ story instead of setting up the events of The Big Bang Theory.

As Young Sheldon breaks away from TBBT, direct references to the geek-centric sitcom have also decreased. While there have been subtle links in season 5, the show is clearly prioritizing tackling what’s happening during the time period, including Georgie and Mandy’s pregnancy arc, not to mention Mary and George’s precarious marriage. Moving forward, CBS may continue to lean on Young Sheldon‘s familial aspects since they are its biggest asset. That isn’t exactly bad news, however, as it would allow the prequel to craft its own storytelling without creating any more The Big Bang Theory plot holes.

This doesn’t mean Young Sheldon can no longer bring Bialik’s Amy back, however. Her voice cameos have been so brief, they don’t really impact The Big Bang Theory prequel’s storytelling. In any case, fans always enjoy hearing her voice and interactions with Parsons’ Sheldon, so CBS might invite her again in the spinoff. Unless the offshoot pulls a creative way to feature her physically, it’s unlikely that Bialik and Armitage ever share the screen as Amy and Sheldon.

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