Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Audra Lied To Noah About Their Baby


Y&R spoilers kept hinting there was more to Noah Newman and Audra Charles’s London-based breakup than either had let on up to then. And the shoe finally dropped when Audra blurted out that she and Noah shared “the baby.”

Y&R Spoilers Speculation

She quickly clarified that she’d been pregnant and had a miscarriage, so “the baby” is up to your interpretation. But did she tell Noah (Rory Gibson) the whole truth?

Tell Me More, Tell Me More Young and the Restless

Since when does anyone on any soap ever tell the whole truth, 75% of the audience is politely trying to choke down their laughter. Obviously, she lied. The only question is, which part is the lie? Was Audra (Zuleika Singer) never pregnant, and she just said it in order to make Noah feel guilty about dumping her?

Or was Audra’s lie the opposite? Was there no miscarriage, and Audra actually gave birth to their child, but is hiding him or her in an undisclosed location until the most advantageous moment to drop her bombshell? The latter obviously leads to more story. Especially if Tucker McCall (Trevor St John) is somehow involved.

Y&R Spoilers: Who Knows

We suspect not even the writers know at the moment, which is why 22% of fans aren’t picking a side either way yet. We do hope that if Audra is hiding a secret Newman baby, she has a very good reason for it. Are she and Tucker planning to use access to the tot as a way to get their hands on Jabot and/or Chancellor-Winters?

Do they figure Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) will do anything to get his hands on yet another heir, up to and including ordering the Abbotts and Chancellors to do what he says? They’re probably right, but it’s quite a stretch, nonetheless.

You Lie Y&R

That was it, the whole story, 3% dismiss. The sooner we claim to believe what Audra said, the sooner we’ll never have to hear about it again.

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